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May 11, 2007 02:33 PM

SLC Rotary Convention in June: Recommendations for not-to-be-missed dining options?

Hubby and I will be in Salt Lake City for the 2007 Rotary International Convention with 58,000 of our closest friends in June and are open to dining suggestions. I love Chinese and good dim sum; better half likes Tex-Mex and Italian. We are there for eight nights so any recommendations for breakfasts, lunches or dinners would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, 'Hounds :--)

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  1. While not TexMex, Red Iguana is an absolute must. I grew up in Dallas, and my first bite at RI some 19 years ago convinced me I could be happy living here. Another Mex option is Mi Ranchito, home of the best Pico De Gallo in the universe. Food is hit and miss, but generally pretty good. Service is usually abysmal, but it's worth suffering through for the standout dishes and that yummy PDG. Also not TexMex, but decent.

    For Italian I would head to Lugano. Tuscany is another option if you like high dollar dining. Food and service are fine, the setting is one of the loveliest in town.

    It will be a bit of a drive, but the best Chinese is way south in Sandy at Szechuan Gourmet.

    The Dodo in the Gateway is an interesting place. We don't like it as much as their previous digs, but the artichoke pie appy is to die for, the menu is eclectic and the dessert offering kills.

    Faustina offers up decent New American in a groovy room with pretty good service.

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      ate at red iguana when i was out there and it was great. from what i understand, they are famous for their moles. you can get a sampler of 5 of their mole sauces to try with chips before you order. it's very cool.

    2. My rec is Mandarin in Bountiful:

      348 E 900 N
      Bountiful, UT 84010
      (801) 298-2406

      My friend and I ordered a couple items, one was the eggplant which happened to be the chef's favorite. No one had ordered it all day, and when we did he was so excited he later brought us out a complimentary dessert and joined us!

      1. And shame on me for not mentioning the new family fave (and apparently most of Salt Lake given the crowds), Settebello. Honest-to-goodness the real deal Neapolitan-style pizzeria. The pies can be a bit goopy in the middle, but they are sublime and ridiculously good.

        1. Not sure if you've ever been to this area, but I'd reccomend at least an evening, if not a day, in Park City. Here's a link to some of their restaurants:

          1. Thanx for all the suggestions. Can't wait! Will pack my appetite along with my clothes!