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May 11, 2007 02:07 PM

Post-Dodgers Game Snack

My friends and I are going to the game tonight, and I've been looking through old dodgers stadium threads wondering where we could go afterward for a Cheap bite to eat. The game doesn't start until 7:40, and its fireworks night, so we're going to need someplace that is open late! any suggestions?

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  1. Where is your ultimate destination - in terms of city - after the game?

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    1. re: tony michaels

      we'll be going to west hollywood eventually, but I was looking for recs nearby the stadium. There are plenty of places in my neighborhood that I can explore regularly, but I don't go to Dodgers games that often. so while I'm there...

      1. re: rds246

        Have you ever been to the Pacific Dining Car downtown? If you want something more divey there is the Original Pantry. Both of these are open 24 hours.

        1. re: tony michaels

          Pacific Dining Car is definaely NOT a cheap bite.

          1. re: rantsnravesnreviews

            Whoops - overlooked that one vital word. It is not cheap.

            1. re: tony michaels

              New idea. Go to Krua Thai Restaurant in North Hollywood. Not right by the stadium but that time of the night you will be there in 20 minutes on the freeway. Excellent food and open until 3:30 A.M.

              (818) 759-7998
              13130 Sherman Way
              North Hollywood, California 91605

          2. re: tony michaels

            the Original Pantry starts serving breakfast at midnight fyi.

      2. With the parking may be even later.

        I would try chinatown somewhere, if any place is open...especially since it's so close. So is Olvera st and little tokyo (relatively)

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        1. re: Diana

          FULL HOUSE, the Cantonese the great standby, is open to at least 4:00!

        2. Try the Red Lion Tavern on Glendale Blvd. for great German food and beer. It has been around for a long time, and the food is good and hearty, the atmosphere totally old school and dark and cool. Though I am not sure how late they are open. Probably at least till 10 or 11.

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          1. re: alohaanna

            you can always go to chinatown or little tokyo for late snack

            1. re: alohaanna

              We went to Red Lion Tavern before the game a few weeks ago and it was very cool -- with great (cheap) food and beer selction.

              1. re: alohaanna

                They are open until 2 a.m. but this place will be slammed with Silverlake hipsters tonight. My girlfriend is a server/bartender there and it gets overwhelming busy on Friday nights.

                1. re: alohaanna

                  Red Lion Tavern is great. is the old accordion player still there, the one who takes requests for Van Halen songs?

                2. Once the game is over, some happy hours may be starting again. It's not exactly next door, but Weiland's will have their discounted menu from 10 to close along with cheap beers. Little Tokyo, 1st/Alameda.

                  1. +1 for Little Tokyo. Izayoi specifically.