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May 11, 2007 01:54 PM

Sultan of Samosas

Hey Hounds.

So I'm driving up O'Connor this morning and happen to notice a place at the corner of Sunrise in a little strip mall named, The Sultan of Samosas. I found it somewhat intriquing. What really caught my eye was the big "Voted Torontos Best Samosas" sign proudly displayed in the front window.
So one big U-turn later I walked into the store. It was still early so they didn't have everything made (Just chicken and beef) so I couldn't try all of them. The ones I did try were fantastic though. I'd be hard pressed to say "Best in the city", having only tried a handful of places but I could get into best I've had.
One of the things that I really liked was that the chicken and beef were distinctly different in flavour. Not the same recip with two different meats.

Can't wait to go back and try a few more flavours.


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  1. My husband recently got a job in that area, and I tried the place for the first time about a month ago. Love it! I like how the wrapper is thinner than most. And the filling taste was great. Every time I drive by I think about running in to grab a bunch. Trying to restrict myself to once in a blue moon! I like how it is just a little unassuming place in a strip plaza, and inside totally scaled down, no frills there. But great food.

    1. There have been various discussions on Sultan of Samosas on this board. I personally love their samosas and they are relatively close.

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        I did a search on this site and found nothing.
        After doing a spell check before posting this, I had misspelt a word and thus, didn't find anything.


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          Love this place and don't see any harm in a new post. You have to try the spinach and cheese next time. Other than that my favourite is probably the chicken. Lentil is hit and miss... sometimes the lentils inside are just too hard, but when they're good, they're very good.

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            Thanks Jules

            I'll certainly be trying all of them. It was just that they were the only ones they'd cooked at that point in time that day.

            I'm actually thinking of how I can work it in to my travel itinerary so that we can take a sack with us for the drive to the in-laws. Do they keep well overnight??


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              They do actually keep okay, not as good but still very edible. I just nuke 'em truth be told but maybe put them in the toaster oven for crispiness?They also sell frozen ones you can take home and bake that I'm told are "just as good" as fried, well that can't possibly be true, some kind of Weight Watchers propanda, but maybe they're okay too :)

              PS they usually will fry some to order for you if they don't have the kind you want ready

      2. Some people I know don't consider these to really be "samosas" and some of the fillings are kind of odd and/or not very Indian. The pastry shells don't resemble any other samosas in town.

        All are, indeed, spiced differently and some of them are delicious. I especially like the chicken and beef.

        The veggie ones were dumbed down a few years back and I find them a bit muddy tasting and bland despite the spices.

        Recommended, but beware their pakoras. They are sometimes crisp and delicious, sometimes soggy and/or leaden.

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          Why don't the people you know consider these to be samosas? Other than a few types they have created to offer more variety, the original chicken, beef, and vegetable ones are very authentic. And just because the pastry is different from the others around town, does not make them less authenic. This type of samosa is avaiable in India also and I prefer the pastry on these. The reason the samosas at Sultan of Samosas is different is they are not making the type of samosa that the people from the Punjab make, which is what you usually see for sale. The sauces they supply are also much better than the sweet sauces available with those 3 for a dollar potato samosas.

          For a samosa recipe similar to what they sell, have a look here:

          1. re: foodyDudey

            What an amazing resource. These are the recipes that my mom makes. How nice to have amounts and directions.