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May 11, 2007 01:45 PM

Dinner near ICA?

I'll be going to an event at the new ICA next Sunday afternoon.
Is there anywhere within walking distance to have a good dinner? Seafood preferred, any style. If not within walking distance, what else would you recommend other than Chinatown, which I know pretty well.

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  1. I like Eastern Pier quite a bit. Hong Kong-ish seafood.

    1. see the posting a few spaces down the page.."New restaurant on Northern Ave.", or head towards town to Les Zygomates on South Street, a block from South Station for reliable French Bistro nfood and jazz. They have a great new chef.

      1. Legal Test Kitchen is across the street from the now being demolished Jimmy's. Barking Crab is the other direction on the channel (very casual).