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May 11, 2007 12:58 PM

Ye Olde Renaissance Fair

Taking the little bite-bite's on Sunday. Any must-try fodd recs?

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  1. Turkey legs! You haven't been to the Renaissance Fair until you've had a turkey leg. One time I tried to be different and had what I believe was a steak sandwich. Big mistake. Dry and inedible. Pickles used to be a must for me, but now I find them to be just too much pickle, and the last one I had was so overly vinegar tasting I couldn't finish it. Oh, and I don't know what name they go by, it might be fruit ice. But look for a stand that sells fruit cut in half, it'll be an orange or a lemon, that's then been filled with either orange, lemon, or even strawberry sorbet. They're great! Hope that helps.

    1. First, one block away at the intersection of Irwindale Ave. and Arrow Hwy., just behind the Jack-in-the-Box, is Tacos LA Bufadora. On Saturday and Sunday morning they have the best Menudo I have ever had and I have had..... They also make, IMO, the best fish and shrimp tacos in the L.A. area (several locations and growing).

      Now, inside the Renaissance (swap-meet & cleavage) Pleasure Faire. Three of us went two weeks ago and two of of where happy with the Chicken Curry Plate and the Bangers and Mash. The curry was tasty but there really was not much chicken. The Bangers and Mash was a bigger hit but we really liked the Mango Lassi the most. That was my first time with a Lassi and since then I have tried another and another Lassi at a local places and was not as happy as my first time at the Pleasure Faire. The Lassi and the Bangers are at the same stand on the far right side of Ye Olde Food Court directly across the court yard and behind your back as you remove all your quid from Ye Olde teller machine near the privies. Another good one is the ice cream in a melon bowl. Both the Lassi and that ice cream will be good on a hot and dusty day. The prices for food are really not that bad being that you are a thousand miles, and years, from any other food. Bring plenty of bottled water in Ye trousers and sun block on Ye top of your head on that bald spot. Take plaenty of rest in the shade and watch the stage shows and pass through the food court at least twice. Ya, try the turkey leg, I agree because it just seems right.

      Tacos LA Bufadora
      16020 Arrow Hwy, Baldwin Park, CA
      (626) 962-0910

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        Oh my god, ice cream in a melon bowl, yes! Now that brings back memories of 1974... Also there's something resembling fry bread that's tasty as I recall.

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          Ya, I did not have it but saw it, it was there -- Ice Cream in a half of Cantaloupe with berries. Another good one that has been my mind is "Sin on a stick" (Chocolate dipped frozzen cheese cake -- maybe?). I might go back just to try these things but parking is $7 and admission is $25 for adults and $15 for kids. What could I do at Milk for those bucks? The fish and chips did look good also. Oh, a whole artichoke too. But really, those hot and spicy bangers and mash were good. I saw a lot of kids eating pasta plates. I recall seeing something like fry bread but maybe it was just that stuff you see at street fairs.

      2. If ye can find the toad in the hole booth, do so. of course, the turkey leg. Is the pasty stall still there? there was one years ago. I always liked getting the giant pickle..more from the comments the wandering costume geeks gave me than anything else.

        1. It's about that time of year again. Any updates to the recs?

          1. Just to be sure, are we referring to the Faire at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area starting April 5:

            Paging Mr. JeetJet, omnipresent everywhere in LA County.

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              You are correct. The giggly tittled "Pleasure Fair."