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May 11, 2007 12:30 PM

Long Trail Ale, VT -- Altbier -- others?

I had some of this when I was in New Hampshire. Really refreshing with a dry sort of toastiness that was very pleasing, highly drinkable, good "session" beer. Apparently a good example of this obscure German style.

Does anyone know of similar beers that I might find in NYC?

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  1. Southhampton Secret Ale is an alt that I generally see around NYC when I visit.

    1. Long Trail beers aren't available in NYC? They've been in NJ for many years (tho' I must admit that I don't notice them much anymore, save for the ocassional new release- but their IPA was one of my favorites a decade or so ago).

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        Long Trail is most definitely available in NYC. If you're a fan of the LT Altbier, try the LT Double Bag if you can--still an altbier, but a stronger and maltier version. Granted it's not 'sessionable', but I think it's far superior.

      2. Thanks guys this info is helpful. Even is a beer is available, I always worry about freshness in the mega-brew stores that carry a huge range of beers, especially low-alcohol styles that might not store well. One reason it's nice to drink local.

        1. Another VT brewery, Otter Creek makes an altbier called Copper Ale - not as good as it once was, but still decent. Still another VT brewery, McNeill's makes probably the best (current brewery problems excluded) american made altbier I've had but likely will only be found in VT.

          If you are interested in the style, check out the originals from Dusseldorf. Uerige classic, sticke, and dopplesticke are the real deal (well the dopplesticke was only recently created for just the US market), but you must catch them fresh - the classic has a shelf life of about a month. Frankenhiem may be a bit easier to find, but I have yet to find fresh ones. Schwelmer also distributes in the US.

          Oh and if you find yourself in NH again, search out Tuckerman's Headwall Alt, even though they use non-traditional hops for their alt, its flavor profile is close to the style.

          Nothing like drinking them fresh in Dusseldorf though. Something I wish all beer and alt lovers in this country could experience.

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            thanks! I wonder why the Dusseldorf style has such a following in the Green and White Mountains?

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              Amen to that! We got the Southhampton Ale last night (Kansas City, MO area). Tasty business! So filling, though.

            2. I like Long Trail's alt too. Their Double Bag, a stronger version of the same style, is even better.

              Victory released an Anniversary Alt a few years back that was just amazing -- the best altbier I'd ever tasted. Hopefully they'll brew in that style again.