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May 11, 2007 12:29 PM

Acuario - new location in Port Chester

My co-worker and I tried the new Acuario location for the first time today. Don't remember the exact address but it's right next to Tandoori-Taste Of India at 163 N Main St. The old space looked like a hole in the wall. This new space looks wonderful. Bright and airy, with small aquariums mounted on the walls.

Sadly, including us, there were only 4 diners in the restaurant. But I did see some takeout orders being picked up.

There's a lunch menu of between $8 and $12. You pick an entree, and 2 sides (rice, fries, tostones, salad, yuca, or beans). Lunch specials come with free soup and free soda. Definitely a bargain.

I ordered pork chops, and they come back 5 minutes later to tell me they are out. I ordered grilled steak instead. It was a decent steak, in a smaller lunch portion size. Got beans and rice. The beans were very bland until I added a ton of the green hot sauce on it.

My friend had the fish of the day, which was tilapia in a tomato based sauce. The sauce was a little spicy, which gives a little kick to the mild fish.

The free chicken soup comes with a big chunk of chicken, and flavored with cilantro. I liked it. The chicken didn't taste like it was boiled to death to extract all the flavor. Anyway, a decent soup.

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    1. re: yeshana

      Don't know if it's BYOB. We were there for lunch and weren't looking to drink any alcohol.

      1. re: yeshana

        I don't see why they would be BYOB. That is usually a policy of places that don't have a liquor license.

        1. re: JMF

          A lot of new restaurants open before the liquor license is approved (it's an onerous process). Anyway, you can always call to find out their BYOB policy.

          1. re: Robotron

            It isn't a new restaurant, they just moved their location. They already had a liquor license.

            1. re: JMF

              Knowing the bureaucracy of the NYS Liquor Authority, they probably require you to reapply for a license even if you just move your restaurant. I was only speaking about new restaurants in general. But there is no point in guessing, which is why you should contact the restaurant about their BYOB policy. I know some restaurants allow you to bring your own liquor even though they have a liquor license.

              1. re: Robotron

                As far as I know the liquor license in NY belongs to the business and moves with it.

      2. doesn't sound like a place worth trying....

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        1. re: KarenNYC

          Acuario is a great Peruvian restaurant. It is too bad but it sounds like the OP didn't really order any of the better traditional Peruvian foods there, at least not from the description. Also I don't agree with the OP that the old place was "a hole in the wall", it may not have been a fancy place but it wasn't a dive either. It looked exactly like many other Peruvian restaurants with very good food I have been to looked like.

          They make great ceviches, Jalea, Tallarin verde con Bisteck, Parihuela, Pollo, etc. I wouldn't order many of the dishes off the lunch menu, they tend to be the more boring options.

          Peruvian cuisine is one of the most interesting in the world and has 4 times as many distinct dishes than French cuisine does. It is a melange of Native South American, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Indian, African, German, Chinese and other cuisines that has morphed over the years into its own distinctive style/