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May 11, 2007 12:27 PM

Casual Festive for Group- Thinking Pizza?

I'm turning 30 next week, and I'm also 8 months pregnant. I just indulged in culinary delights on a birthday trip to Paris last week, so I feel I've already done my celebrating, but my husband and some friends have asked what I want to do for my birthday next week. I really just want to do something low key, day-of (Thurs) not a big weekend thing and would like for my 21 month old son to attend (and maybe even another toddler, so kid-friendly a must). I don't think it would be a lot of people- and possibly some "maybes" until last minute as that's how my friends are- maybe like 8-10 people? Early in the evening, like 6:30. Was maybe thinking Pizzeria Paradiso, but don't know about reservations, etc. Plus big "normal" pizzas seem more suitable to what I'm thinking than itty-bitty fancy ones. Location is pretty open, but preferably Upper NW, Georgetown, Cleveland/Woodley Park, maybe Bethesda.... Can you chowhounds think of any good places that would fit the bill?

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    1. armands in Tenley might be little fancy pizzas there.

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        I thought about 2 Amy's because I love it, but (1) they don't take reservations so the possibility of a delayed "party" would be bad, especially for a group and (2) I eat the whole pizza myself- not very conducive to the whole "pizza party" thing. Armands... hmmm, maybe... for some reason it seems to be lacking the feeling of a festive party I'm looking for.

      2. Matchbox would have the perfect atmospehere (although it's located downtown) but they too are plagued with the "we don't take reservations" policy. I think Pizzeria Paradiso might be your best route with this.

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          According to its website, Matchbox will accept a limited number of reservations for groups of 6 to 13.

          After calling to make reservations for this previous Saturday, I learned that they accept reservations only Monday through Thursday. It looks like Thursday would work for you.

          BTW, my family had an excellent meal there on Saturday for lunch. Oustanding cream of crab soup as a special. The mini-burgers, pizza, and bistro salad were excellent also. Many kids were present from the stroller crowd through young adolescent. I'd imagine fewer kids would be there on a Thursday night, still Matchbox is set up to handle them.

        2. I would consider a new kid, Cafe Pizzaiolo in Crystal City, except I'm not sure if they take reservations. excellent NY style pizza (they also offer Neopolitan but we like the NY better). they make big pies at a good price, a 2-topping 16' pie is $16.30. they are extremely kid-friendly, to the point of having games lying around on shelves. the owners are young parents themselves. last time we were there it was like a daycare center. good beer and wine.

          1. I don't think pizza gets any more casual than Restaurant AV. Lost track of how many kids parties I've been to there in the back bar.