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May 11, 2007 12:22 PM

Summer Soups: Fruit

Last summer I ate at a restaurant that served a pineapple soup and a blueberry soup. Both were so delicious! Anyone have any good fruit soup recipes out there? Thanks!

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  1. Once they're in season, apricot soup! Boil apricots, cut in half, in enough water to cover--preferably with the pits thrown in, too! After they've gotten good and soft, take out the pits and run through the blender. Add lemon juice, and potato starch dissolved in a little cold water (I use about a tablespoon per cup of water at the beginning?), and sugar to taste. (No exact amount-- the lemon juice should brighten it up, and the amount of sugar totally depends on how sweet your fruit is, and your taste). Chill or serve hot, with sour cream either way :)

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      Yogurt or creme fraiche are also good toppers

    2. Though I don't have the recipes, I have tried watermelon soup with mint, and melon soup with some prosciutto slices. Both were extremely delicious and refreshing!