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May 11, 2007 12:05 PM

Best Food Finds in Champagne?

I'm traveling to Reims and Epernay for a few days in early June and am eager to know where to go beyond the caves (I'm all set in that department). I would love to find out where to go for great food (both fancy and simple restaurants), which champagne bars to visit (if there are any!), what open market to visit, and any other food-related tidbits (ie. a great chocolate shop, cheese shop, or even place that offers cooking classes). Thanks!

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  1. I will be making this trip for the first time in November, so I'm no great help, but I do know there is a legendary restaurant in Epernay called Les Crayeres.

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      It is in Reims. Amazing champagne list, and of course they are extremely knowledgeable about it.

    2. crayeres is a wonderful "fancy" meal. Just outside of champagne on the way to Paris, offers wonderful tasting menu of well executed takes on traditional cuisine. I went 2 years ago and left very happy and primed for a tour of the caves!

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        We had dinner a few years ago at Les Crayeres, and it was a memorable meal.
        Last year we had dinner at a 2* restaurant in Reims, cant remember the name, but someone will.
        Supposedly the youngest chef in France to receive 2* rating.
        The meal was not up to expectations, and truthfully one dish made me ill.
        Our server did not speak English with any fluency, and spoke quickly, so I often didn't know what I was eating.
        I took a mouthful of chocolate froth with button mushrooms.
        Can't look at froth since.
        His greatest talent were his desserts.
        Almost all desserts, and they were countless, were some form of candy.
        Candies remembered from childhood, and amazing presentation.
        You might want more feedback, as, he did earn the stars.