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May 11, 2007 12:02 PM

Meatmarket or butcher in Austin, please recommend...

I live in North Carolina right now but will be travelling to Austin for a wedding and will be preparing some food for the wedding while I am there. Can anyone recommend where to purchase (order?) a nice brisket and/or pork shoulder (preferably whole but either a large butt or picnic shoulder would be nice). The hostess/bride would prefer it be local if possible, but this is not imperative. Anyone like a particular butcher? Can they get this at Central Market if they ask? Will it be much more expensive from C. M. or Whole Foods?


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  1. Longhorn Meat Company
    2411 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
    Austin, TX 78702
    (512) 476-5228

    1. I think the best pork around comes from Peach Creek Farm. They raise grass-fed beef and Berkshire hogs. The farm is located about 30 miles outside of town but they sell at the Downtown Austin Farmer's Market every Saturday. They often sell out but if you contact them ahead of time you could make special arrangements. Their products are superlative.

        1. If your down in Southern Austin, I would recommend Johnny G's Butcher Block. They might not have the variety of Longhorn, but I have always had good experiences with their beef.

          To Tipsytexan, thanks for the tip on peachtree, I am going to check them out!

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            Thanks for the suggestions. This is a great help. Hopefully we can try some Peach Creek, there is a nice farm out here called Cane Creek that raises perfect pork and but a different breed and it would be nice to try a different kind, and also get to Longhorn or Jonny G's as well for some brisket and sausages. Thanks again,