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May 11, 2007 11:53 AM

France and Italy

Looking for great food in Paris. My mother will be celebrating her birthday (86) while in Paris. It can be casual to somewhat dressy. Price is not as important as the quality.
We are interested in breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations. While in Italy we would love recommendations for Bologna and Verona. We will have a car and can get to Modena as well. As long as the food isn't spicy all types of recommendations will be entertained.

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  1. In Paris, try Benoit, Le Comptoir, Chez L'Ami Jean. You can actually go to NY Times and do a search for articles about restaurants in Paris. I've followed their recommendations and thought they were good to excellent.

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      A very interesting suggestion. Thank you.

    2. We've moved this thread to our France board, since it already has a Paris related reply. Suggestions for Bologna and Verona should go on our Italy board, and we recommend that Lisa start a new thread on that board for the Italy half of her question:

      Please no Italy suggestions here--make them on the Italian board so everyone who is interested can benefit from them.

      1. Angelina's on Rue de Rivoli across from Louvre gardens

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          Just a general thing for both countries - unless you go to an "ethnic" or "fusion" restaurant, you really don't have to worry about overly-spicy food in France or northern Italy. And they will be very considerate of an elderly lady. Bon voyage/Buon viaggio!

        2. I loooved Angelina's for breakfast. We went there twice.. for 15 euro you get 3 mini pastries (or 1 super tasty croissant), a hunk of country bread, butter, jam, fresh orange juice and coffee or hot chocolate (that's what they are famous for). For 25 euro you get all of the above plus eggs benedict, and fresh plain yogurt with raspberry puree. The eggs were incredible...poached eggs wrapped in a prosciutto type ham served on toast with a delicious hollandaise sauce.

          The croissants they make are a little sweeter and crispier than what we had elsewhere in France. Compared to the breakfast at our hotel, Angelina's was a great deal and really very good. We ate breakfast at 10ish and they were buys but not as busy as the afternoon when the line was outside the door. You could easily eat there before going to the Louvre or the Orsay. We also ate lunch at the restaurant inside the Orsay (not the cafe) and it was very good.