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May 11, 2007 11:41 AM

Casual Romantic Dining in East Village?

So...I want to take my boyfriend somewhere lovely for dinner tonight. Since I'm usually a brooklyn diner, and suggestions for delish fare around 14th street/east village?...where we can get in on a Friday Night?

Looking to spend around 50-75 for two people...

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  1. I really liked Le Tableau - you may squeeze in under $75. You might want to call them, because when I passed by last Thur., the whole place was closed for private party. That probably won't happen on a Friday night, but who knows.

    1. I really like Euzkadi, on 4th btwn...I'm not sure - 1st and 2nd? It's good, cozy, loud music, but dark and fun

      1. Casimir is a lovely french bistro that my husband and I adore for romantic dinners. Garden, fireplace, nice wines and VERY reasonable prices.

        103-105 Ave. B
        (bet. 6th & 7th Sts.)
        Manhattan, NY 10009

        1. Rebecca,

          Try Le Tableau (French) or Lavagna (Italian) in Alphabet City. They're both on 5th Street between Aves B and C. They're related I think (same owner?). They're both small, cute, and actually really nice food at a reasonable price. I really like them both though I would choose Lavagna over Le Tableau if forced as it was livelier the few times I was there. Try the rabbit parpardelle - delicious!

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            I am salivating over the rabbit already!

            1. re: Charmaine

              I have been to both. Both are lovely. I also prefer Lavagna, more intimate, better food, great Wine Spectator award winning wine list.

            2. My current favorite East Village find is Sticky Rice Thai BBQ. It's a BYOB place, fairly small but the food is excellent...I stuck more the Thai side of things, but it was very good. If you go, try the dumplings AND pick up your drinks before, there isn't a liquor store nearby. Enjoy!