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Any good, hip, cheap Sushi spots ?

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I have a date on Monday and I need a good rec for sushi. Id like to go to Ace Wasabi or Blowfish, but they are a bit out of my price range. Authenticity is not an issue. These are my restrictions:

a)moderately priced
b)not super stuffy
c)alcohol available

thanks so much!!!

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  1. You ought to try YUKI SUSHI. It's on the corner of Winchester & Pruneridge of San Jose, CA. http://www.yukisushi.com/

    Nothing fancy but you will see it, generous servings with the sushi!!!

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      david kaplan

      Tokyo Go Go, on the north side of 16th between Valencia and Guerrero is definitely hip and is surprisingly good (surprising, given how hip it is). And there's a $3 hand-roll special before 7 pm, so it can be inexpensive.

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        definetely. the happy hour special at tokyo go go is a great deal.

      2. As someone who loves sushi but can't afford it all the time, I'd recommend Sushi Bistro (445 Balboa @ 5th). They have really beautiful and tasty special rolls (yellowtail basil, veggie crunch, and hawaiian are some of my faves..). 2 or 3 of those, at $7-$10 each, make a good meal for 2, esp with some edamame, miso, or a lettuce wrap to start. Their fish is very good quality and they have a wide sake selection, including unfiltered (mmm..). It is a smaller place and the crowd is usually 20s-30s, which makes the atmosphere lively but not with loud BG music, so you and your date can chat :-). Their site has menu/prices.

        Link: http://www.sushibistrosf.com/

        1. I like Godzilla Sushi on the corner of Divisadero and Bush. Depending on what kind of a date this is, this place may be too casual. It is small, so on Thurs, Fri, Sat nights the line forms out the door, but it is good fresh fish and inexpensive. My husband and I used to live in the city, but now come over from Oakland to eat there - it's our favorite. I think on a Monday night you wouldn't have a wait.

          1. not so expensive sushi: kiki on 9th at irving or kitaro, on geary around 20th ave.

            1. Hey, I know blowfish can be a bit pricey... So another great place would be Ebisu on 9th and Irving. Definately reasonable prices. Best Dragon Roll I ever had! Great Swamp Roll! Good Hamachi! No reservations tough.

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                Hungry 4 Food

                Ebisu's, SF.. Around 8th/Irving... somewhere over there.
                It's cozy and excellent. Sushi is never "cheap" but Ebisu's is very fair. Good sized fish slabs and always fresh. Go early (6pm) to avoid lines. I like to cap it off w/ a walk around the shops. Have dessert at Tart to Tart.
                Parking is not easy.

                1. Let me second Godzila. Ate there tonight and was quite happy. As far as hip... well, that might depend on your definition of hip. In my opinion a place with a bunch of Godzilla posters on the walls, a friendly ambiance, and good music (when I was there on a Wednesday night I caught Velvet Underground, The Clash, and other personal favorites in the same vein although I'm told that jam bands tend to be the norm) are all I want out of a place that can give me some good fish on the cheap (nigiri are $3-3.50 for 2 pieces, basic rolls are $3.50-3.75 for about 6 pieces, larger house special rolls are around $7-8).

                  As for alcohol it was available, but beyond that I can't comment as my g/f and I are both non-drinkers.

                  It was a short (about 5 min.) wait to get a seat as it's a small place. It was also recently written up in this week's Onion (which is how I heard about it) so it might get a bit busier soon.