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May 11, 2007 11:09 AM

Ever try Shrimp Ahoy restaurant in Arcadia?

I've driven past several times always wanted to stop never did..

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  1. Like-Go-Eat? is a big fan of Shrimp Ahoy/Original Shrimp House -- see the last post in the following thread .

    I remember Like-Go-Eat? said that he thought Original Shrimp House's Shrimp Scampi was the best he's had other than a place in Hawaii .

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    1. re: Norm Man

      The scampi is very good and any other shrimp they may offer in a sauce. There big sellers are their deep fried fish and shrimp but I agree with the other post that the batter may be a little too much. However, the thick batter is not there to hide a small shrimp. The shrimp here is very big, It just that the batter is a little too dense. Like-Go-Eat? was saying that the scampi was the best he had since the North Shore. It is not the same as The Shrimp Truck but the chef at Shrimp Ahoy knows how to blend lemon, butter and garlic and when the shrimp is cooked in that mix -- OMG. I know what LGE? was aying because I am LGE? (Aka, JeetJet?).

      1. re: JeetJet

        JeetJet, I was wondering what happened to LGE?. I think you are one of the best sources for Good Eats.

        BTW, a while back you were looking for Red Hamburger Relish. I found some at Big Lots and posted the info on this board. I don't know if you saw the info. Unfortunately, Big Lots has sold out of the stuff.

        1. re: Norm Man

          Norm Man, I went off the board when I could not figure how to sign-in to the then new chowhound under Like-Go-Eat? I guess a question mark is not accepted in a user name. I missed the post about the relish. However, I have a friend that brought me some from Boston -- long gone. Now Summer is here again along with backyard burgers and the Hunt for Red Relish is on again.

    2. Tried it a year ago.

      Only got the fried items, not at all remarkable or worth going back for.

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      1. re: notmartha

        My co-workers tried it and had the same response as notmartha.

      2. I ate their many years ago, it was okay nothing remarkable as I haven’t been back since.

        I do like the some of my favorite places to fried or grilled shrimp are:

        1. Original Shrimp House in El Monte. Their fried shrimps are larger with a cornmeal type of coating.
        2. Northwood’s / Clearmens Covina or Rosemead for the grilled shrimp entrée.
        3. Taco Nazo / Senor Fish in Baldwin Park and West Covina for the shrimp cocktails and shrimp or fish tacos. Nice batter. Ensenada style tacos
        4. Johnny’s Shrimp Boat in West Covina for the tempura bread ball with a piece of shrimp inside. It’s so good with the chili rice or the gravy fries.