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May 11, 2007 10:59 AM

Cantaloop: Reviewed

Since I drive by the intersection of Hollywood and La Brea on a daily basis I thought I would try its newest "natural frozen yogurt" spot. Not much has been written about Cantaloop so I thought I would be a pioneer. Stepping in, I noticed two things already, parking was super easy in its lot, and it was practically empty. It turns out they have three flavors, regular, mango and pomengranate. Being in a Pom mood, I ordered it, topped with strawberries and fruity pebbles.

After getting it I immediately noticed a difference, the quantity was huge. Blame it on the inexperienced yogurt machine operator, or the store's generosity, but their 'two loops' (or medium) was at least a third more than you get at any competitor's yogurt shop. I couldn't wait to take my first bite intwo that pinkish, swirly mountain that had been so generously prepared.

The first few bites almost gave me an icre cream headache. Not really what I associate froyo with, but I have a theory why this happened. Because Cantaloop may not get as much business as some other 'berriy' places, maybe their yogurt gets a little more frozen than it should? Either way, I toughened up and continue plowing down the mountain of yogurt, picking up fruity pebbles and little chunks of strawberry on the way.

My final verdict: I would go again in a heartbeat. Its far more convenient than any other place and they are extremely friendly. I can't wait to try the mango with some other toppings. Oh and they only take cash, the only downside to my yogurt experience.

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  1. I LOVE Cantaloop. I found it randomly last weekend when I had a few minutes to kill on Hollywood and Highland. Much much better than Pinkberry. It's denser and creamier, the staff is friendlier, and they piled on the toppings. I have to oppose your "theory" for the taste difference; I went twice and it was reasonably busy. I think the formula must be different.

    When I went the flavors were plain, mango, and blueberry. I don't know if they rotate, there wasn't a pomegranate option. I had mango with mochi balls each time and loved it. I also loved the sample of plain, but I wasn't crazy about the blueberry because it didn't taste as tart.

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      I have yet to try Cantaloop. I have been to Pinkberry and I did not like it very much... the place I go to all the time is called Yogurtland. There is one location in Fullerton and one in Irvine. It is soooo good. And they have a lot of different flavors... blueberry tart (this is very tart unlike cantaloop's blueberry) , strawberry, strawberry tart, mango, green tea, plain, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, cookie dough, and banana, just to name a few. They have fresh fruit toppings (mango, kiwi, strawberry, peach, raspberry, blueberries, ) as well as other toppings such as (cocoa puffs, lucky charms, sprinkles, honey, strawberry surrup, caramel, chocolate surrup, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, nuts, and gummy bears) AND THE BEST PART IS you serve yourself so you put as much of whatever different flavors of ice cream you want and you can put as many different and as much as whatever topping you want on it. Then they weigh it on a scale and it costs only 30 CENTS AND OUNCE!! So you end up with a very large amount of yogurt and all the toppings you want for around 4-5 dollars. I love this place and There is inside seating as well as outdoor seating. Here is their website so you can look at locations and stuff if you would like.

    2. Thanks for the review. I love the way this place looks from the outside, with all the bright orange paint. :)

      1. How ironic! I just logged on to post about this place as I went on my lunch break.

        Well, the first question will inevitably be, "How does it compare to Pinkberry?" They offer three flavors, none of which is, refreshingly, green tea. The flavors are plain, mango, and blueberry, of which, I got blueberry - the server's recommendation. (Perhaps the pomegranate is gone for good?) If one happens to be a topping junkie, Cantaloop is clearly the place to go. In addition to the standard fruits and dry toppings - and mochi - Cantaloop has some oddities I've never seen at a yogurt place before: cashews, pecans, dried goji berries, and lychee. The server piled the toppings on, too, almost to the point of overkill.

        The yogurt itself is not as ice cream-creamy as Snowberry; it has a more sorbet-like consistency (the "snap"), along the lines of Pinkberry, but it's not as watery. The distinct sour taste of Pinkberry was pulled way, way back, too. I can't tell if this was just a peculiarity of the blueberry flavor, or if this holds true of the plain as well. Overall, Cantaloop's yogurt reminded me most of the frozen yogurt of the original frozen yogurt heyday in the late '80s-early '90s.

        I had the same experience as the original poster with quantity. They don't accept plastic, and I had only enough cash for the "two loop" (read: medium) with three toppings. Well, they serve up a huge amount of yogurt here. None of Pinkberry's stingy hollow cones and scales. After dealing with Pinkberry's penny-pinching (and rude servers and long lines), it's nice to have some generosity. And friendliness. And prompt service. Oh, and choice between flavors that extends further than flavorless and green flavorless. (I truly believe the only reason that green tea is green is because of the extra dollar one pays for it.)

        I like Cantaloop better than Pinkberry, if only for the broader topping options and flavor choices. I'm not sure that the actual quality of the yogurt is a huge improvement over the local yogurt overlords, but the experience certainly is, which is why I'd definitely choose them the next time I want a yogurt fix on Hollywood Boulevard.

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          Has anyone tried Yogotango yet? If so how does it compare?

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            Dang, where exactly is that? That's somewhere around Hollywood, isn't it?

            Rumors are CĂ©Fiore is taking Gelato Paradiso's old spot across from Grauman's Chinese, while Stinkberry is getting a spot on the now-hypertrendy corner of Hollywood and Vine, which has had all the hookers and bums flushed out to make way for much more attractive things to look at while eating one's reconstituted dairy-like substance: The W, Katsuya by S+arck, and even a Whole Foods...

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              Yogotango is in Hollywood, in a minimall on the northeast corner of Highland and Fountain Ave. Never been inside, just passed it by on my bike.

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            Plain and mango are both more tart than blueberry, but also less blue.

          3. Might give this try. It can't be worse than that Pinkberry slop.

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              does Cantaloop have an area to sit? an outdoors area too, preferably?

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                Yes, there is both an indoor seating area organized like a bar along the window and a shaded outdoor seating area.

            2. Thanks for the post. I'm in walking distance of both Cantaloop and Yogotango - so to hear such a great review when a Pinkberry isn't near by is very refreshing.

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                There's a buy one-get one free coupon for Yogotango one page 68 of this week's LA Weekly. You can bet I'll have a report on Yogotango for you soon! (And that I'll be hording a load of LA Weeklys!)

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                  Thanks for the heads up! I picked up an LA Weekly last week and just got around to looking at it earlier and there's one in that one too (last week was the restaurant issue, so of course I had to pick it up!).