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May 11, 2007 10:55 AM

Lunch recs near Pico/La Brea?

Thanks :)

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  1. Do you want anything in particular?

    My go-to place for this area is Luna Park, just north of Wilshire/La Brea. Great food and not too pricey. Cool atmosphere. And it is much less insane and more relaxed during lunch than at dinnertime.

    Just west of the Pico/La Brea intersection is a Roscoe's chicken & waffles which I love. Inexpensive and very casual. It's one of the larger locations too, so the wait for a table isn't very long.

    1. Bloom Cafe on Pico is good.

      Rocoe's is always a treat.

      Sky Taco on Pico is great!

      Difficult area...I miss Posh so much...

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      1. re: kellydeez

        i've been wanting to try Sky Taco. anything in particular you'd recommend?

        1. re: msbadkittie

          Yes, the shrimp tacos are great. Also, they sometimes have lobster tacos that are out of this world. Not for the carloie conscious. But really spectacular.

      2. la maison du pain for baked goods and sandwiches. i believe they have quiches as well. mmm quiche!

        1. Chulada Grill at San Vicente and Hauser has good tacos, some Oaxacan specialties, and kick-ass pico de gallo in the salsa bar. They also deliver.

          1. I posted on Rubio's Bakery (Guatemalan) right across Pico from Lucy's:


            It's got a food counter w/ hot items, but generally very fresh. Unusual stuff if you're used to run-of-the-mill Mexican food. I agree - it's not a particularly chow-ish zone.

            Isn't there a Oaxacan place right in the same strip mall? (maybe confusing it w/ another loc.).