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May 11, 2007 10:54 AM

Great Milk/Cheese in Telford!

I can't believe I can't find a post on this place....Hendrick's Farm and Dairy in Telford (Montgomery County right next to the Bucks border).

I've been a customer for about 6 months. They have raw milk, goat milk, loads of grassfed meat (beef, lamb,pork, chicken) and best of all, fantastic cheeses all made from the raw milk on premise. I could go on for hours but here's a link:

Supposedly their average customer drives 45 miles one way to visit, and I feel lucky being only 10 minutes away. I highly recommend all the cheese (I have sampled most of them) and milk. The meats are definitely pricier than the Giant would be but the quality is incredible. Check it out!

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  1. I've been there too, and it is fabulous. A hidden local gem.

    1. You can get their stuff in Philadelphia through Farm to City as well farmer's markets, and I think CSAs too.

      1. Try the "Dirty Laundry' and "Bavarian Swiss" cheeses. The bacon is also amazing. This place is a gem!

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        1. re: wandasue

          I totally agree on the bacon.

          They have goat cheese ready now, and I can't wait to try the veal. I think I'm heading there tomorrow.

          1. re: semmen

            I'm nibbling on the Goadacious as I type. It is Wonderful!!

          2. re: wandasue

            I like the Dirty Laundry, too, and the raw milk was like going home to my (long ago) youth. I was disappointed with the butter, though ... it seemed to have a lot of whey left in it, and an off, "cheesy" flavor. Anyone else try it?

            1. re: Meann

              Mmm .... I really loved the butter's flavor -- the "cheesiness" you describe reminded me of the flavor of Vermont Butter & Cheese's cultured butter. Tastes differ, I guess.

              1. re: nns

                Interesting. So you think that's deliberate? I wouldn't use it in, oh, pastry, for example, or anything I wanted sweet or just quietly unctous. I don't want my butter flavorless, but I do want it supportive. Except on toast, of course, where the whole light sweet dairy grass thing is the point.

                1. re: Meann

                  I live in Philadelphia but grew up and still have family in the Harleysville area so popped into Hendricks this spring. I love the raw milk and I picked up some turkey sausage with was Italian style with fennel seeds. Very good. Regarding the butter, it has a funky barnyardness to it which if off putting depending on your use. Barnyard first thing in the morning on toast? Hmmmh. It even smells funky. I don't think it was spoiled, just the way it comes out there for some reason. I also got the yogurt which was nice but was disapointed that it wasn't thicker. I've become a Fage convert and love the thick unctiousness of it. Can't wait to go back and try more things.

                  1. re: alonna Smith

                    Raw barnyardy butter is better with savory things, not sweet.

          3. Yeah, I went there and did the kid tour, fed the cows, petted the horses, sampled the cheese in their aging room... excellent, excellent cheese. I especially liked the Telford Reserve (aged hard cheese), the cow pie (a full fat camenbert) and the Dirty Laundry, which (quoting from their web site) is "...creamy, crumbly texture with a mild acidic bite, Gorgonzola like blue flavor, caramelized onion, and permeating butteriness".

            Next time, I'll have to get some goat cheese, too. They sell cheese from Hendricks at Cheese in Phoenixville.

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            1. re: Mawrter

              I tried some of the freshly made veal sausage (they have delicious turkey sausage too). I see that they also have ice cream now too.

              The robotic milking machine is awesome!

            2. thanks for posting this - will check it out soon! i'm very excited!