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Coffee and Donuts

I just can't find a respectable coffee and donut combo. Its either good coffee and bad donut, or the other way around. We still need a consistent chain here in New England. Dunks coffee is yesterdays dishwater. Dunks jelly sticks aren't even round cylindar anymore. They're flat on the bottom with cross cross rack marks. What's up with that ??? Honeydew coffee stinks, and their donuts are usually old, heavy sinkers. Kanes donuts have been hit or miss lately. Demets in Meffa are good, but I just wish there was a respectable chain in each town, or every other town so that I can get a decent coffee and dunker once a month. I don't want to have to drive 25 miles. Does anyone remember the old Mister Donuts??? They used to be decent and along came the big DD. Krispy Kreme didn't survive either. I just want options and consistency.... aarrrrgh !

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  1. Weekends at Flour feature some incredible Donuts (though only cream or jam filled) and a great cup of coffee.

    1. Donuts with a Difference in Medfrod Square is also awesome.

      1. Sorry to only report on the donut part of your post, but Donuts With a Difference in Medford really does have the freshest, cleanest-tasting donuts I've had, and I lived for many years in So. E. Mass., which has wonderful little Portuguese bakeries that also sell donuts. We haven't tasted the coffee yet, but it is pretty much take-out.

        1. Again, I can only speak to the donut side of things, but the donuts at Verna's in North Cambridge are great. No idea how their coffee is.

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            I think the coffee is pretty good. Not the best I've ever had, but it's definitely a respectable cup of coffee.

          2. Krispy Kreme hasn't completely died. Their web site at least suggests that there's still a location in Dedham, and I know of at least one gas station (the Hess at Blake & Mass Ave between Porter and Davis Squares) which sells KK's on site.

            Boy, did I *not* need to make the latter discovery ...

            1. Mary Lou's? Multiple locations...

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                Doughboy Donuts on Dorchester Ave, close to Broadway Station.
                Great donuts.

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                  Linda,s Donut shop always has great donuts

              2. How about Kane's in Saugus? stuch great donuts or do-ci-donuts in woburn?
                also if you liked muffins (I know not donuts)
                the Gingerbread construction company in wakefield and winchester is awesome as well as the muffin shop in marblehead,,,. seriously good homemade muffins

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                  I have to agree with Buddernut, Kane's really has been hit or miss the last few times I have been in there. Hubby went last week and said his was so so stale he didn't even finish it.

                2. Ha ha, I always think I'm not a donut eater, but here I am posting to another donut thread. The coffee at Verna’s is pretty good. Linda’s donuts are so good, it doesn’t matter what the coffee is like, but I don’t have any recent memory of their coffee. Really must try to correct that soon.

                  1. If you don't mind the drive Heavenly Donuts (intersection of Routes 495 and 110, Methuen, is really good.great big homemade crullers and muffins and pastries turnovers to baclava. Great coffee too.

                    1. Try the Ultimate Perk in Andover (on Main St) they carry Heavnly Donuts which are fresh and great! they also have muffins, pastries and a lunch menu. The prices are the same as dunkin and the service is fantastic and fast. Coffee is always consistent and fresh. Good Luck.

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                        wow sorry to hear that Kane's had been inconsistent. That place is a shrine in my book. The enormous sticky cinnamon coffee roll is astounding. Hard to believe with their volume anything ever gets more than a few hours old. I need a road trip - field research in order.