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May 11, 2007 09:26 AM

Taiwanese Hamburgers

I went to Bob's Noodle 66, got 8 Taiwanese Hanburgers to go. Already we're down to 4! Anyone know where I can get some in DC? The drive to Rockville is a bit much.

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  1. What makes the hamburger Taiwanese?

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    1. re: dwbengals

      It's a steamed bun, filled with braised pork, topped with mustard greens/cilantro/peanut powder/sugar - eaten like a hamburger.

      It's the most delicious thing ever.

      1. re: Culocho

        ah...those are VERY good. didn't realize those steamed buns were called "taiwanese hambugers" :). good luck finding a place around DC, my asian grocery exploits always take me up to rockville pike, unfortunately....

        1. re: dwbengals

          I grew up on them and never heard them called that either. Good to know for when I have a craving for them. I haven't seen them on the menus anywhere in NoVa (never looked for taiwanese hamburgers but pork in man tou).

        2. re: Culocho

          I notice on the A&J menu they have meat fill bun, is it the same thing?

          1. re: rcheng

            I was wondering if A&J might have them. I found this video on Bob's Noodle 66's Taiwanese hamburgers and what's in them. They're much bigger than I'm use to but that peanut powder makes everything good.


            1. re: chowser

              Just to clarify, the Taiwanese hamburger at Bob's is basically what chowser calls "man tou" which is then sliced open like a hamburger bun and then peanut powder, BBQ pork, greens, etc. are placed inside of it like a hamburger. This is not to be confused with "char siu bao" which has the braised BBQ pork baked/steamed inside of the bun.

              I personally have never seen the Taiwanese hamburger specifically anywhere else except for at Bob's but it may be a variation off of char siu bao.

              Hope this helps with explaining/clarifying these items.