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May 11, 2007 09:17 AM


Going to dinner at Corks tonight. Any particular recommendations? I see they're doing a 10 year anniversary menu, does anyone know if that means they won't have their "regular" menu going too?

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  1. I don't think they have their regular menu this week. the duck breast salad was very good and the cherry caflouti dessert was delicious!

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    1. re: amaebi

      Well, I must say we were pretty disappointed last night. Not because the food was bad, it just wasn't great or even good- it was just so so. For $100 on dinner for 2 people, there are many places you can get great food. Wine was fine but very pricey. The suggested duck salad was the best thing we ate, and even that didn't blow us away. My wife had the trout w/ mushrooms & a porcini buerre blanc which was very average, and my filet (they served filet instead of hanger steak) was over-cooked (i asked for the steak medium-rare, it came out cooked all the way through) and just boring. dessert was devil food cake w/ chocolate mousse- the devil food cake was bland, mousse was ok. the service was fine, but ultimately, i just wonder how they managed to stay in business for 10 years. did the place used to be great? with so many better options around, i just wonder why anyone would go there.

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        I've eaten there twice and had a similar reaction. Corks is one of those restaurants where you feel pretty good about dinner until the check arrives. Then you start having second thoughts. But I know some people (who earn a lot more than I do) who love going there.