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Best Happy Hour?

Where is the best happy hour? I am looking for like 2 for 1 drink specials etc.

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  1. What area? I like The Well (Hollywood Blvd & Vine) and Cha Cha Cha (West Hollywood). Both have great happy hour prices on drinks and apps.

    1. McCormick & Schmick at One Rodeo/BH has decent happy hour specials

      1. For food specials, definitely McCormick & Schmick's - $2 for a big burger & fries! But if you're looking for drink specials, then don't go here, because their happy hour refers to food only - there are no deals on drinks.

        Also for food - Brennan's in Marina Del Rey has 1/2 price apps 5-7p. I'm not sure if they also have drink specials though.

        Patrick Molloy's in Hermosa Beach always has good deals going on and is a fun place - 2 for 1 tequila, whiskey, $20 for 4 shots, $3-4 drinks... 3-7p

        1. cabo cantina has 2 for 1 drink specials.

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            Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks may not have the best Mexican food around, but you've got to love a place where happy hour starts at 2:30. You can have lunch and go right into the drinking.

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              And good nachos. Happy hour everyday there from 4-8.

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                  It's on Wilshire and Westgate in West LA/lower Brentwood. There's also one on the Sunset Strip.

              1. looking for both actually.

                1. Border Grill on 4th in Santa Monica has $3 margaritas and appetizer menu. M - F 4-7pm, Fri & Sat after 10pm which is great after a movie on the Promenade).

                  La Vecchia Cucina on Main Street in Santa Monica has drink specials and reduced Happy Hour menu. M - F 5-7pm.

                  Zip Fusion @ Olympic & Sawtelle has soju cocktails and half price sushi & appetizers M - F 5-7pm.

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                    Anyone tried Bennigan's 9pm Happy Hour?

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                      Schatzi's on Main has a pretty good HH.
                      The HH food is not good, though.

                      Busby's has 2for1.