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May 11, 2007 08:52 AM

Downtown Indian for tonight

I've been to Brick Lane, and a few others over on E. 6th, but does anyone have any place in particular they recommend? Looking for good, decently priced (not take-out cheap, but not ridiculously expensive) food - nothing too fancy, preferably w/a liquor license (beer & wine only is ok). Let's say anything below 14th St, unless you have an amazing find a little further uptown. Thanks for your comments!!

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  1. Surya in the west village on Bleecker is a nicer (white table cloth) sit-down place. It's modern and the menu has some great, more creative items (a sprouted lentil curry and fish entrees come to mind), along with standards like chicken tikka masala. They have beer, wine and a full bar with a couple creative, tasty cocktails. Their appetizers look pricey, but we've always thought they were worthwhile and delicious.

    The weekend brunch buffet is a good deal, too.

    1. I am no expert in Indian cuisine, but my Indian friend recommended Salaam Bombay on Greenwich Street in Tribeca, and I have been enjoying it ever since. The place is clean and well decored and the food IMO is very flavorful. They have a buffet lunch for $15.99 with a large selection. They do serve liquor.

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        Was very happy I read your post before we wandered around TriBeca last night and passed Salaam Bombay. Companion had only had Indian food 3 times prior, so I was charged with ordering all but the wine. Dinner was delicious. We had the assorted appetizers, sea bass with coriander sauce steamed in banana leaves and accompanied with a tomato/onion/mango sauce, a curry chicken dish, a side and a Simi cabernet. For dessert we had gulab jaman and our host provided a complimentary rice pudding garnished with pistachios. Ambience was lovely as we dined outdoors to the sounds of sitar music. Service was excellent.

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          These are all great suggestions for Indian. Anyone else have some recent input for dinner this evening (or tomorrow evening)? Anything below 14th Street is appreciated. Can anyone recommend any of the Indian places in the E. Village? I've had Indian, but boyfriend hasn't and I want him to have a good experience. Please recommend place with beer or wine at least. Thanks!

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            Banjara at the corner of E. 6th is a crowd pleaser. Gets mixed reviews on this board though many agree it's one of the better offerings in E. Village.

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              Love Banjara. Haveli and Ghandi are tasty, as well.

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              I haven't been there in five years, but I've previously had good meals at Haveli (100 2nd Ave., just south of 6th St.). They have a full bar and a good menu of the usual northern Indian dishes (appropriately spicy vindaloo, tasty rogan josh), nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. Last time I was there I saw Parker Posey (with her awful "A Mighty Wind" hairstyle) dining there, which was fun for the out-of-towners I was hosting that night.


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                I hate to tell you, but Haveli has gone way down. The last few times, even imploring them to make the vindaloo very spicy, it was as bland as tuna salad. It also seemd so loaded with ghee or some other viscous fat that it made me feel as if I'd eaten a tub of Nutello afterwards. I think the chef changed or something. I'd love any ideas for a replacement. Everyone says Mitali is good, but I don't remember it as particularly exciting when it was on Bleecker & 7th Ave.