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May 11, 2007 08:47 AM

Fleming's (moved from PA)

I did a search and although I found some references to Fleming's there wasn't much about in terms of the food... quality, what to order, etc. We're going tonight (with a gift certificate) and I'm wondering what the general consensus is. Everyone I've asked who has been there can't say enough about it. I'm a little skeptical... should I be? Or is it really as great as everyone says? Any suggestions for what to order? How about the wine? Thanks!!!

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  1. I too was a skeptic because I am not a lover of chains.
    So let's take the wine list first. Absolutely shockingly superb.
    Being a "steakhouse" first, naturally their strong suit will be the meats. And they are good quality -- much better than their competitors. Service is also warm and friendly.
    Downside: I find their shrimp cocktail a fly in the ointment. The ones I had were smallish (even though they told me they were jumbo) and limp. (No thanks!)
    They seem to flourish on their onion rings which I find way to doughy for my taste but then that is a subjective opinion.
    Try it -- I really think you'll like it.

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      The good news is that we are going with a pretty nice sized gift certificate. What, besides the shrimp (which I'll avoid- I love shrimp cocktail, but it has to be really good!), did you have? I'll probably skip the onion rings too... not my favorite thing to eat. I am very, very excited about the wine list!!!!

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        My wife and I love the cheese plate, pretty good for a chain restaurant. We also very much like the beef carpacchio appetizer.

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          Oh! BTW: If you are thinking of ordering a sirloin steak like I did Pittsburgh rare -- better think twice and get it medium rare -- otherwise it will come out raw in the middle.

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            Funny you should mention that... my husband ordered the sirloin and that's exactly what happened. I thought my filet was excellent. We had the seafood tower to start. The crab components were very good, but the shrimp was less than stellar. They weren't even deveined properly. Sorry, but when an appetizer costs $57 it better be presented perfectly. There were also oysters which were not mentioned on the menu. I would have substituted something else, but we ate them (first time for everything) and they were pretty decent. The service was good. Our waiter was helpful in picking out the wine which was very good (Nobilo SB for with the seafood tower, Deloach PN with my filet, and Montes cab with the sirloin). My only gripe.... can we not get new glasses for the red wine??? It was poured directly into the glass we had drunk the white out of. They had asked me on the phone if we were celebrating a special occasion so I mentioned my husband's birthday. Out came our waiter with a creme brulee with candle. It was delicious! I had to kind of chuckle to myself... what if we didn't want creme brulee?? I'm not being a pain, I just felt for those prices it could've been better. Pet peeve, btw, not mentioning the prices of specials. I can't stand that, but that is certainly not just Fleming's... too many places do that. Overall, it was good, not "one of the best restaurants around" as I've heard people describe it.

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              Ida,....that is what Pittsburgh rare(Black and blue, actually) is supposed to give you

              1. re: nyfoodjoe

                I have to amend my post to say that he didn't order Pittsburgh rare. He ordered it medium rare and it certainly seemed more rare.

                1. re: cjc519

                  They do tend to under cook a bit..easier for them to add more fire if the customer want it....especially at the prices they pay for meat

      2. Ate at Flemings this past weekend. Ordered the 16 ounce NY strip...probably the best steak I have ever eaten. Course, at $ should be. Wife had 8 ounce filet...very good as well. Do tend to agree that they under cook a bit. Overall, a good meal and good service. My only complaint was the noise was Saturday night and had a booth along side the bar...could not hear my wife or the waiter when he was talking. I would go next time during the week.

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          I agree that Saturday nights at Fleming's can be a challenging experience unless you dine at 5:30 -6.
          I was there last night, sat in that same booth you did, and had the same steak you had (minus anything on it or any butter to enhance it -- just au naturel, Pittsburgh medium rare) and it was superb.
          I sometimes think if you just order a steak "naked" they have to be sure to pick out a really good one for you because they are not able to mask its flaws with butters, herbs and sauces.
          Anyway, it is the perfect place for a steak.
          My mate swears by the lamb chops.
          (Just keep away from their limp shrimp.)

        2. Had my second meal at Flemings in Radnor...went on a Sunday night and had their $30 prime rib special. This is a great deal...and a great meal. You get a choice of one of their three salads, a 12 ounce piece of prime rib, one selection of there many side dishes AND dessert. This is a lot of food for the money. I ordered for a side dish the Flemings potatoes and my wife ordered the onion rings (about ten large rings that fed us both...took my side home).My wife and I ended up taking most of her prime rib home and we took our desserts home as well. Excellent service as well.

          My only complaint is the level of the music...way too loud...and they play top 40 hits...I really don't understand a steak house playing Beck...with the type of people the place brings in...old jazz or Sinatra would be more appropriate in my opinion.

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          1. You can get the same 30.00 deal at Prime Rib and you can also BYOB. The Prime Rib cut is delicous, but stay away from everything else. Finally, you get to walk through Rittenhouse Square after dinner. At Flemings I guess you get to walk to your car.

            1. re: Adenn1

              Music??? What music??? I hate restaurants that play loud music.
              Maybe on Sunday nights they play it but I have never heard any music at all any other nights of the week.
              They do have the TV going over the bar.

              1. re: idia

                I have had dinner here several times over the past few months, both on my own and as part of a private dinner event (one of which I organized, the other was organized by someone else). I have found the service consistently friendly, the food very good (including a vegetarian meal option -- which involved no pasta -- created by request to accomodate friends coming to the dinner I organized). The management was very helpful and responsive and although I know the main room can be crowded when the place is full, the tables are at least spaced nicely apart so that I did not find the noise level deafening.

            2. We just went on Sunday night. Loved it. We both had the prime rib special (any salad from the menu, prime rib, any dessert from the menu) which is quite a bargain. The molten chocolate dessert was excellent – very rich and gooey. The prime ribs were done just as ordered. The waitstaff was very attentive (but not too much). The wine list had a wide range of prices and we had a very nice Zin (Clay Station) to go with the prime rib. Didn't find either the noise or music to be a problem. (Didn't notice either actually.) Lovely decor with a nice amount of room around each table. The plates were either heated (the steak) or chilled (salad), which was a nice touch. Black napkin to go with my black pants (if that kind of thing matters to you).

              Definitely will go back.