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May 11, 2007 08:43 AM

Nola mothersday cookbook [moved from New Orleans board]

I am a graduating tulane student and have parents that love new orleans cuisine. They have even made trips downn here just for the food and not to see me...but they wont admit it. jk. anyways, they will most likely not be coming down as much after my graduation but i would love to find a cookbook that has recipes (not so much of your typical blackened whatever or fried this or standard gumbo) of more i guess fancy or fun/funky new orleans cuisine...more so your brigtsens, uperline, NOLA, GW Fins type foods. Also, my mom is alergic to shellfish so as long as its not too packed with shellfish, i think it would be a perfect gift. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. You are a good son/daughter. :) Congratulations on graduation this weekend.

    I have Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen. The recipes are very labor intensive, but it's food like K-Paul's or Brigtsen's. You could also go old school and get the Entergy cookbook, which has lots of recipes people might make at home, but reads more like a church cookbook.
    Also in that genre are the River Road cookbooks and the ones put out by the Jr. League.

    Or Marcelle Bienvenu's Who's your Mama cookbook that was just reissued.

    I would stop by the Latter Library (the one past jefferson on St. Charles) or Savvy Gourmet and browse the cookbook section a bit. The Commander's Palace cookbook is nice, and the food is a bit more up-to-date that the Galatoire's cookbook, another good one. Some of Emeril's books aren't bad, either, there's at least one co-written with Marcelle Bienvenu.

    I've heard good things about the Encyclopedia of Creole and Cajun Cuisine by John Folse, too, I actually have it on CD, but have never gotten around to browsing through it. I'll have to look at it this weekend!

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      The Paul Prudomme's is a good one. I gave my mome the "who's your Mama" cookbook for Christmas and she absolutely loved it, but keep in mind that it is more cajun than new orleans cooking. Any of the river roads cook books are the best although there aren't any pictures with them. Maple Street book store also has a good selection of local cookbooks.

    2. Congratulations on your graduation! Two of my favorite cookbooks are River Road Recipes and Talk About Good. Both have some really great recipes.

      1. While I cannot recommend a specific book, I am sure you know of this book store,
        not far from campus...

        and this is always a stop for me on my many visits to NOLA, especially for for NOLA specific subjects such as literature, art, architecture, music, food, and cooking! I have a student, who will graduate (hopefully) in 2008! They will give you great service and advice, as well as the posters to this subject here! Congratulations!

        1. Thanks for all the help. My mom tends to like cookbooks with pictures in them...not so much because we look for recipes that look good but we sometimes need help figuring out how it should look. The Paul Prudhomme's ones sound good. Hopefully the greater complexity would be more of a fun challenge for my mother and I to recreate. Thanks for the suggestions and Happy Mother's Day.