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May 11, 2007 08:40 AM


Anyone frequent this place? I was taken aback by the decor but the food is incredibly addictive. Their dishes with eggplant, chickpea dumplings and potatoes just work so well. Also you can't go wrong with the price on a Tuesday or any other day.

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  1. Narula's is great any day of the week. The bhel puri is sooo addictive. The thali's are fantastic. Only problem I have noticed are the daytime hours are a little sketchy when I'm craving thier stuff - sadness!!

    1. Their masala dosa is just the way I like it, crispy with a tasty filling. Agree the look of the place is appaling, but you can eat on the patio outside. Don't know how they pay the rent with those low low prices.

      1. ...I walked by on Sunday and saw that it is papered up, with a "for lease" sign. (sigh) I have had many a fine cheap meal there!

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            NOOOOOOOOOO! This makes me even sadder when I became a regular. Just wonderful food. Maybe they'll open elsewhere? They were so nice and friendly. That's a shame.

            1. re: thegory

              I think Toonie Tuesday killed them. Great while it lasted.