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May 11, 2007 08:39 AM

Pinkberry artificial?

I hear Pinkberry is artificial? Now that I think about that "tartiness" , might make alot of sense... what a drag

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  1. 6 carbs 5 grams sugar per 1 ounce of vanilla x 4 or 6 or 8 ounces and that is with no toppings. Interesting, I can not find anything on website that says what it is made from, someone should contact Nutrition Action Newsletter/CSIPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) and see if they know anything.

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      1. re: dkrocks

        Pinkberry needs a lesson in "truth in advertising",
        though they're most like laffing on the way to the bank.
        Yogurt must have 'live' cultures to be natural and healthy,
        the Pinkberry product has a flavor profile of added flavors,
        high sugar content which will be refined sugars, no doubt,
        and......? We all deserve to know, certainlypaiing enuf for it!

        1. re: NumeroUnoEat

          They are definitely laughing their way to the bank. Apparently the original store was making something like $10,000...a day.

          1. re: NumeroUnoEat

            Is there really an issue with truth in advertising with pinkberry? go to their web site. The word "yogurt" is nowhere to be found.

      2. personally, i dont know why you would need to make something artificial in order to get the pinkberry flavor.
        couldn't they just use expired sour milk?

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        1. re: Get In My Belly

          You don't, but it certainly is cheaper to use powder.

          I've made a homemade approximation of Pinkberry's yogurt. Similar flavor, but I couldn't get that smooth fro yo texture with a home ice cream machine. It was a lot of effort, though.

          And while it's worth it for me to know what's going into me and my family, and while gloating over a bowl of homemade is fantastic fun (and certainly way cheaper than buying 4 bowls of PB), it is not an endeavor a food purveyor could easily afford.

        2. According to this article in the LA times, Pinkberry has 'fessed up.