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May 11, 2007 08:16 AM

recipes / uses for pineapple sage?

i was interested in some things to do with this beautiful plant other than mixed drinks and iced tea. does anyone have any interesting ideas or recipes?

won't be back to check until tonight, so thank you in advance.

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  1. Ice cream, or a creamy dessert like panna cotta. Sounds like it would be great with pork or chicken.

    1. flavors a basic vanilla ice cream recipe nicely
      chopped into mango salsa
      combine with mint, olive oil and rice vinegar and make an interesting salad dressing
      chopped with a bit of fresh garlic and rubbed onto chicken breasts for grill
      frozen into cubes with cranberry juice

      use that pineapple sage!

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      1. re: HillJ

        update: I brewed the leaves of an entire pineapple sage plant yesterday and added it to a lemonade cake mix in place of the lemonade concentrate--just delicious!

      2. Pineapple sage goes very well in a tropical fruit salad (pineapple, mango, kiwi, papaya, etc).

        I also like it in turkey wraps--shaved or thinly sliced turkey breast with mayo, lettuce, red onion and pineapple sage. The flavor of the herb is less intense than "regular" sage and it lends a bright, almost citrusy flavor.

        1. You can fry the leaves and serve as an appetizer: dip them in egg thinned with water and olive oil, dip in flour, fry quicly in oil, salt and pepper.

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          1. re: janeer

            these suggestions are great and i really appreciate the responses. i cannot wait until the little plant i picked up gets big enough to try all of these.

            i'm jealous of you, hillj, for having a plant big enough to harvest everything already. did you make a simple syrup that you added the sage to instead of the lemonade mix, or did you do it differently?

            janeer, your blog is great. i like your suggestion, too. i think in about six weeks i'll have enough to give that a try.

            in regards to the ice cream mixture.. when i make the ice cream custard, just add the sage in the beginning and let it thicken / cook while it gets to the 170 degree mark (offhand i think that's what i heat it too, but it may be less) and then remove it, or should it be removed far before then?

            sorry for having more questions than anything else. i'm not as experienced as some of you guys, but i hope to be with some more time.

            1. re: the word yes

              I brewed the leaves into a strong tea and used it in place of lemonade for the cake.

              For the ice cream I warmed the custard and allowed the sage leaves to steep a bit then once I transferred the custard to the ice cream bowl to blend I added a few rough chopped leaves for texture.

              Two seasons ago I purchased three plants and they have all grown so large. It's been a lucky surprise.

          2. I never tried this with my pineapple sage last year but meant to as it sounds lovely. Line the bottom of a loaf pan with the leaves and then bake your favorite pound cake-- unmold and the leaves decorate top (I'd be inclined to parchment the bottom of the pan, then place the leaves).