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May 11, 2007 08:15 AM

Goshen Litchfield area best restaurants

Our family will be spending some time in this area for the Summer. We don't know anything about the local places. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. We will have 3 kids in tow, so family friendly is a plus.

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  1. You should start with the West St. Grill in Litchfield.Seasonal menu, moderate price dinner; inexpensive lunch. Very fresh seafood. See reviews below.
    Downside: Movie stars who live in the area occasionally clog the place with amateur papparazzi.

    1. Like rdesmond said,the West Street Grille is wonderful.
      I'm not so sure the place is all that "family friendly".
      We've eaten there for dinner several times and the place seems more "adult" than kid-oriented.
      Maybe desmond can give you a better picture of how friendly the place is for kids.
      In Torrington try the Venitian Restauant on S. Main street.
      Really good Italian food and moderate prices---and ther are usually kids there.
      The Bantam Inn has pretty good food just outside of Litchfield.
      There are ,of course,many pizza and red sauce joints in the areas as well.
      The Mayflower Inn in Washington is really outstanding.
      For lunch I'd take kids but not for dinner.
      Very expensive but very worth the mone.
      Good Luck!

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        I agree, West Street Grill is very good, but I would question it's "kid-friendliness". As catnip stated, The Venetian in Torrington is well worth a visit. In Litchfield, I love La Cupola, which, I think is a step above the Venetian, with a more varied Italian menu. For some really good pizza, with REAL laid back atmosphere, there is Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield, and The Berkshire Restaurant in Torrington. The Berkshire also has an outstanding sausage grinder that I would highly recommend. Also in Litchfield, a new place called Saltwater Grill. I've not yet been there, but I know people that have and said they really like it. For middle of the road Italian fare, but very kid-friendly is Bachi's, right next door to the Venetian. As I said, not in the same class, but a more relaxed setting. And if it's a pile of food you want, that's the place to go, and not a lot of money. They actually do a very good job with a brocolli-rabe and sausage appetizer, that is actually a meal in itself, and they have a respectable wine list. For Mexican, there is La Tienda in Litchfield. It's been some time since I've been there, but it is as popular as ever. And in Torrington, Dos Amigos is very good as well.
        If I think of any more, I'll chime in again.

      2. West Street Grill is definitely not kid-friendly (and can come off as "snobbier than thou")

        Village Restaurant (also off the green in Litchfield) has solid fare. They serve in the pub and in a separate dining area.

        Zini's in Bantam has good Italian but can get very noisy.

        Patty's (Rte 202 betwn Litchfield and Bantam) is very reliable for breakfast/lunch including homemade soups and specials. Very kid-friendly.

        D'amico's Pizza is my favorite in the area.

        Also great bakery, Dutch Epicure.

        Special occasion try Hopkins Inn in New Preston, Continental menu w/ German/Swiss specialties. In good weather request outdoors on patio (overlooking Lake Warramaug).

        [And if you like the area we're selling a home on Bantam Lake :-) ]

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          West Street is so overrated its laughable. Maybe a little hype from the city bunch?

          Morans in New Preston replaced Le Bon Coin on route 202. Still good...

          Bohemian Pizza is a blast. Pizza is ok..but its a fun place.