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May 11, 2007 08:04 AM

Santa Fe - small pre-wedding gathering

Need a place to throw a small (8-10) pre-wedding gathering for the bride and her friends. This is not a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. Would like something on the 'special' side, like a view, or nice patio, or something.

We would do some small appetizers and drinks. Any suggestions?

BTW - born and raised in Santa Fe but been on the East Coast for the past 15 years and am a little out of touch!

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  1. Feugo might be a good choice (at La Posada Hotel). It's a very nice place with a beautiful patio.. You might even call ahead to set up an interesting round of apps to have with your drinks. They have minimal food offerings at Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Bathouse and I don't know their rules on alcohol at the spa, but... you could take a picnic ( with goodies from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods) up to Hyatt State Park (on the way to the ski basin). and on the way back down the hill to town... stop at Ten Thousand Waves for a group soak.

    1. I havn't been back to SF in about 2 years. There is a nice French Resteraunt on Burro Alley Cafe Paris. No patio but it is special. There's always the Pink Adobe it's been there since I was a kid, before even. Great for out of town people.

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        Sorry to tell you this but The Pink Adobe has been sold and will be closing shortly; no word yet on who/what will takeover the space.