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May 11, 2007 07:51 AM

Tourist Alert- Questions on Upcoming Trip-

Thanks for all your help already. Have dinners planned out except one night- a few reservations, but now we have to narrow- Aqua, Mina or Boulevard? Already going to Danko and Zuni.

The next step are good places for lunch- any type, especially good seafood or mexican or other ethnic are plusses. We will be doing the typical tourist stuff, so a place in Chinatown, Nob Hill, etc. will be appreciated.

Thanks again! Can't wait to visit your great city.

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  1. I've had great experiences at all three, but if I'm picking up the check I'd hit Boulevard. I also think Boulevard is the most "SF" of the three.

    Nob Hill borders the Tenderloin which is home to Swan Oyster Depot, a SF institution for no frills seafood (lunch only).

    1. I'd go to Mina to contrast the tasting menu from Danko which is quite different. I think if you go to Zuni, Boulevard is the same style of food and a Danko/Zuni/Boulevard combo would be too much of the same thing.

      Chinatown ... dim sum from the various bakeries especially Golden Gate's egg custard tarts and baked bbq pork buns.

      Not much eating or really touring on nob hill. Take the cable car and ride by it. Otherwise a drink at the top of the mark.

      Hope you report back on where you ate and how you liked it.