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May 11, 2007 07:41 AM

Has anyone been to Yolk lately?

I'd like to take some guests for breakfast near the park and museums, and the reviews on Metromix are inconsistent. I haven't been there myself, so any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.


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  1. I've been once and I liked it. I'm going again tomorrow so I'll report back in more detail.

    BTW...don't pay any attention to Metromix reviews, they're basically worthless (unless you need a laugh).

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      i would say Yolk serves average breakfast. Not bad and not excitingly good. A decent place which sounds convenient for what you're looking for. I'd recommend it.

    2. OK, so we went this morning. I had the Mile High Omellete (ham, green peppers, onion) with jack and cheddar cheese on top. It was pretty good but, hey, it was an omelette. The menu is obscenely large, so I'm sure everyone can find something they will like. I don't know, I never get too excited about these breakfast places (Yolk, Bongo Room, Orange, etc). They're all ok to good, but nothing that will change your life. Fun atmosphere though.

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        I went to Yolk a couple weeks ago for the first time and had a pretty good experience...the food came out quickly even though the restaurant was full and overall it was pretty good (I had eggs benedict). I know you're looking for a place by the museums but another good (and newer) breakfast place is Meli Cafe in greektown...nice atmosphere inside, great food, and friendly staff.

      2. had a great experience here a little while back. they do a "bacon waffle" with perfectly cooked, crispy bits of bacon cooked right into the waffle--a perfect combo of savory sweet, and one of the best things i've had for breakfast all year.