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May 11, 2007 07:37 AM

Baby Shower Worthy

I'm planning a baby shower for a friend in July. I'm looking for a restaurant in L.A., Long Beach/South Bay areas that has a garden or patio, has something special/exquisite on their menu and will let us linger for gifts and cake. I know this is a tall order, but any hounds out there with any ideas?

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  1. I went to a fabulous baby shower at the Peninsula Hotel...we were in a private room connected to the dining room/tea room (?)...with windows overlooking a garden area. It was really nice.

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      Penninsula Hotel in Redondo Beach or Marina del Rey?

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        Peninsula Hotel is in Beverly Hills. I second the recommendation. I had one of my wedding showers here in a private room. It was a tea and the service and food was excellent and we lingered a long time for gifts. I can't comment on the price, but I imagine it is pretty expensive.

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 was in Beverly Hills. Probably is expensive, but I was just a guest, so I really have no idea.

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            My bridal shower was at the Peninsula in BH and it was absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend it. Not sure about cost, as it was thrown for me, not by me....


        Hotel Bel Air - tea, excellent service, gorgeous garden (including falls, ponds, bridge, swans..)

        1. i had my bridal shower at lilly's french cafe in venice. great 3 course prix lunch. i think it was $26 prer person. beautiful patio. thye didn't charge us corkage for our champagne we brought in and we stayed until after they closed.

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            I went to a baby shower at the Peninsula and concur with everyone else-mimosa/champagne/strawberries and cream/tea sandwiches/pastries in a private garden room. It was intimate and lovely.

            Coincidently I went to a bridal shower at Lilly's with a prix fix dinner and thought that was lovey too. The food was gorgeous and it ambience was sophisticated.

            The South Bay has The Shade Hotel-fairly new and they have a few spaces for private gatherings. I am intrigued by the new restaurants in The Trump Golf Course in PV. Cafe Pacific is gorgeous-pation looking out over the pacific. The food is very good-specializing in seafood.

            The Inn of The Seventh Ray is a beautiful outdoor space but may not be geographicaly desirable. I have not been there in ages but hear that the menu has been completely redone and the cuisine is less veggie/tofu/grapenuts.

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              I vote for either the Peninsula or Lilly's! I had mine on of mine at the Peninsula but have also been to many gatherings at Lilly's (on the patio). Another good place for showers is Il Cielo. It is really pretty dining on their patio.

          2. Def second rec for Hotel Bel-Air.

            Also, love Lilly's and Rose Cafe.

            You might also look into Joe's for their brunch, Jer-Ne and Cafe del Rey.