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May 11, 2007 07:33 AM

Help! Party for 50 in Harvard Square

Hey Kids,

I need to throw a party on 5/17 in Harvard Square for fifty. I immediately went to Daedalus, but they were already booked. Anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for beer, cheap wine and some pizza like snacks and a place where people can come and go relatively easily.


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  1. John Harvard's? The food is eh, the beer is pretty good, and it otherwise fits your criteria. They have a little private room which would be good for 50 standing up, especially if not all 50 will be there at once. Graduation season is tough, though, as everyone wants a party...

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    1. re: DavisSquare

      Upstairs at Charlie's? Grafton St. or Redline.

    2. Grendels? Again, food is not super, but they could probably do servicable snacks.

      1. redline has a space in the back that would be perfect.

        maybe upstairs at tommy doyle's?

        1. This might be really tough as most Harvard reunions are that week.

          I'd look a teeny bit out of Harvard Square. Maybe the Temple Bar or Christopher's, downstairs are Redbones. Food wouldn't be the highlight at any of these places but people could certainly mingle.

          1. Maybe check Cambridge Common or (as kittychow mentioned) Temple Bar? Both are just up the road from Harvard and parking would be easier for those coming by car.

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              cambridge common and temple bare are good places but neither of them have a private room for a party of 50. if you really want to be in harvard square and don't want to go to one of the charles hotel places or if OM isn't in your budget i'd really reccomend red line or tommy doyle's.