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May 11, 2007 07:32 AM

Giant Clam in Dallas?

I went to Sushi Sake in Richardson for the first time last night. It was excellent. Thanks to all the CHs that have been singing its praises and letting the secret out of the bag. Several of you recommended the amberjack which was very good. I would also highly recommend the Maitake tempura if it is available.

Back to the question -- the menu at Sushi Sake listed Giant Clam (aka Gooey Duck to Americans) and I was excited to see it offered on the menu. Alas, they had run out. While I have had giant clam at restaurants outside of Dallas, I cannot recall any Dallas restaurants that offer it. Any ideas about where I should go?

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  1. I've had it at Hanasho in Irving. It's not a regular item, but they seem to have it every now and then.

    1. Yep it's really fun taking newbies and ordering giant clam if it's completly fresh and still moving. I have freaked out several people by doing this, almost as much fun is ordering the fish head soup and eating the eye :-)

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        Oh boy... Many years ago, I was sitting at a sushi bar by myself and after eating my share of nigri and rolls I asked the chef what he recommended. He said giant clam. I nodded and he slammed this rope looking thing on his work space and I saw it move. I thought him slamming the clam caused it to move and he was playing a joke on me. So it was alive?

        1. re: Scagnetti

          Yep if it's really fresh the clam is in fact alive. They can kick around for quite a while even cut up. After all what's wrong with a little Gagh.

        2. re: irodguy

          LOL!!! I did that with the miso steamed golden snapper head at Tei Tei. I felt like Anthony Bourdain eating the oyster on the boat with his family!

        3. I believe Simon's Sushi on Plano Pkwy and 75 has it. Get the BTS and Monday night roll for something different and good!