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May 11, 2007 06:54 AM

Help! need sugg's quick for tonight

going out with 8 woman (30's) for friends birthday. We want something fun, not too loud, with good food. Looking to spend up to $60per person. Must be below 14th street east or west. Any rec's?


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  1. Good World is a fun choice and if you call ahead they will probably reserve a table inside or on the patio out back. Great burger and other delicious Swedish fusion foods. They also have fantastic beer.

    1. If the weather's fine, I'd head for Gascogne. I realize it's at 18th street, but their garden is super and the food is even better.

      1. Maybe Grape & Grain wine bar in the east village?

        1. Alta on w10th would be a lot of fun, and probably right at your price point, depending on how many drinks you have. It's a fun atmosphere for shared plates. The wine and sangria are great.
          I would suggest calling Alta asap, though.