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May 11, 2007 06:35 AM

How is Patsy Grimaldi's?

Ate at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, NY last night because I am planning a rehearsal dinner at the one in Scottsdale. Filthy atmosphere, hair on my plate. Inadequate "Antipasto" consisting of three pieces of salami, 12 pieces of red pepper and three pieces of cheese. Pizza had soggy undercooked crust, raw tomatoes and was cold. How is the one in Scottsdale??

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  1. dawnfawn there are 2 Patsy Grimaldi's in the Scottsdale area. One @ DC Ranch and one in Old Town. I am not sure if they are part of the same chain or the ones here in AZ just use the name. Both locations are clean, pizzas are well crafted. Both locations have a private area that would be great for a rehersal dinner.
    We have always enjoyed the pizza....woodfired, thin crust...we usually keep the toppings to a minimum as the pizza either gets to soggy or too heavy......
    The Salads are enormous.....

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    1. re: ciaogal

      Hi ciaogal - I am pretty sure the pizzas at Patsy Grimaldi's are not woodfired. They use a coal oven - not wood.

      Pizza there is OK. Kinda expensive, sauce is a bit bland, but better then all of the chains-type pizza places.

      Now if you want better pizza go to Gilbert Pizza (Gilbert/Warner), Classic Italian Pizza (Baseline/Rural) or La Famiglia (Warner/Alma School).

      1. re: StuCazzo

        StuCazzo, I've never heard of Gilbert Pizza, but you mentioned my other two favorite pizza options (Classic and La Famiglia) so I'll have to look for it now.

        dawnfawn, as for Grimaldi's, I've been to the downtown Scottsdale location and it's always been clean and the pizza is always crisp. They are chintzy with the cheese and the pizza sauce so even though I like their crispy crust I'm not planning on eating there anytime soon.

        1. re: StuCazzo

          Agreed. Their AZ restaurants are night & day different from NY & Hoboken. Big, bright, clean, upscale.

          I do like the slight char from the super hot coal oven but also agree it runs a bit pricey for what you get for just a basic pie, let alone the add-ons. That said, they'll probably do a decent job for a rehersal dinner.

      2. Not nearly as bad as what you have described. I have eaten at the Scottsdale Grimaldi's, and while the pizza wasn't my favorite (a bit too much of a burnt coal taste for my liking), the restaurant seemed clean and all the food was at the appropriate temperature.

        1. I like Grimaldi's quite a bit. I've eaten at both Scottsdale locations and found them both to be clean and well kept. The food was very good, but I'm a big fan of the thin, crisp crust.


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          1. re: barry

            StuCazzo... I am probably wrong about the oven...oops!
            I do like the thin crisp crust that almost charred on the's so yummy!

            1. re: barry

              There are actually more locations - I eat at the one in Ocotillo (Chandler) all the time. The antipasto is not good, but all their salads are high quality and even a "small" is enough for 2-4. Def. add salami and mozz. to the house salad - yum! I've found their pizzas to be delish and Hubby is addicted. Even though at the Oct. location they have teenage servers, they have excellent service - seems like they do a great job training them. Also, they have a great alcohol list - microbrews and wines like Pazzo. Maybe the manager does a better job of QC at the one I go to?

            2. Really sorry about your Brooklyn experience - I have some family from out of town who insisted on visiting the Scottsdale location after having visited the original.

              As far as Scottsdale is concerned, I admit the price is a little steep but the pies are quite good - decent sauce but I love that charcoal on the crust. The topping additions are usually quite plentiful and high quality. The greek salad, if I recall correctly, was also good.

              1. I absolutely hated it. The service is snooty as hell (I detest their policy of charging full price for ingredients on half the pie!), and the pizza off-balance. The crust only tastes of the smoke from the oven, the sauce one-dimensionally sweet, the homemade mozzarella flavorless and flabby, and if you get the roasted peppers on the pizza they dominate any other toppings. And they're way overpriced to boot- I think it was close to 25 bucks for a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms.

                I'm never, EVER going back. I think I would rather eat at Peter Piper.

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                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                  I have to agree with JK Grence.

                  These pizza places amaze me. After all, it is still just pizza. Granted, the artisanship is greater at these places, than at the chains, but it it still pizza. Get off of your high horse! Half a pie of toppings - Half the price. I mean come on, these things are overpriced to begin with.

                  1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                    I agree with JK Grence. II couldn't wait to try this "Joint" a year ago. The write-ups were great. We were all very disappointed in the quality, taste and service. What a hype!!!!!