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May 11, 2007 06:09 AM

What to eat eat in Jackson Heights, around 82nd?

Looking for street food/take out/or casual snack type things, not sit down meals. Near the 82nd St subway stop or in between here and the 74th St station.

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  1. lucybobo, Jim Leff created this Google map of notable street food in Jackson Heights.

    Also, if you track some of JHJill's posts, you'll see that she's posted on lot's of great places that you may be interested in in the Jackson Heights area, including the area around 82nd Street.

    1. I'm glad Sandrina feels my posts have been helpful. You can get passable chicken kabobs (chuzos) and elotes (corn on the cob) from the ladies on the SW corner, but I haven't had anything I've felt great about. There's often a more Colombian vendor on the NW corner who sells fruit juice/cocktail and obleas (2 big flat rounds of ice cream cone-like material with caramel in between). I don't know the hours. However, you could do much worse than the tacos from Taquería Coatzingo (or nachos, etc.) It's about half a block toward Elmhust on 82nd (west side) or the pan dulce from the bakery across 82nd from it. The Rivera fish market has chowders and other stuff to go that I hear are good (right across from Coatzingo).

      Also, if you want some fast food that's good for snacking but better sitting down, there is Casa del Pollo Peruano on Roosevelt toward 81st. They have salchipapas (fries with hot-dog-like sausages) as well as good ribs and rotisserie chicken. Broadway Bakery's taco pizza has a zing to it. I don't find their crust to be outstanding, but I occasionally indulge in a slice with taco toppings with jalapeño. Some of the cookies they sell by the pound aren't bad at all, but I've not been impressed by anything else I've tried here. I haven't tried Pollo Gustoso so I can't say. Pollos a la Brasa Mario is open late and has things like arepa con queso. (I like to get their chicken, salt potatoes and avocado salad as delivery.) Going farther toward 74th, there's Cositas Ricas on about 79th, I believe. They have a Colombian bakery and coffee, and you can sit at the counter. I sometimes stop there for coffee and buñuelos. I believe they also have hot dogs.

      Jim's map, referenced above, has the most interesting vendors, though most are heading toward the upper 80s. Late at night, there's the elusive but lovely arepa lady around 78th. You can get serviceable arepas with cheese and chorizos from a man on Roosevelt just past 83rd during daylight hours. I'm sure there are things I'm leaving out. There's a fast food place under the station on the SW side of Roosevelt. A Mexican friend of mine raved about it to me a couple of times years ago, but the one time I tried it I wasn't impressed and haven't returned. That's about all I can think of at the moment.