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May 11, 2007 06:03 AM

Road eats Charleston to Hilton Head to Savannah

Soon we'll be driving from Charleston airport to Hilton Head, then a few days later Hilton Head to Savannah. We've got plenty of extra time on each trip to drive out of the way for eats. Any recommendations? I'm vegetarian and my husband is not, but I'm happy with fried okra and fried green tomatoes, etc, while he gets his BBQ. Also highly interested in pie. Thank you.

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  1. Hilton Head - Sea Shack - fresh blackened fish, great slaw etc., featured on Rachel Ray. Inexpensive lunch. Mi Tierra's is a good choice for Mexican.

    Savannah - you can't go there without eating at Mrs. Wilkes. Wonderful southern experience. Great variety of dishes ( many veggies ) served family style. Beats Paula Dean's place and also featured on Rachael Ray's. I've been eating there since my days at Ft. Stewart , Ga. back in the 70's.

    1. To clarify, I am not looking for recommendations *in* Charleston, Hilton Head, and Savannah, but rather recs for the drives in between. Thank you.

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        The Old Post Office on Edisto Island is outstanding. Sgt. White's Diner in Beaufort is also a great choice.

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          I know you're not lookng for Savannah rec's but I couldn't let this thread pass without mentioning the Sixpence Pub in Savannah near SCAD. Best shepards pie I've ever had and other great pub fare.

        2. There isn't a whole lot. It is a very rural drive. You could take a short detour and head up I-26 to Holly Hill and Sweatman's BBQ. Limited hours though. In Beaufort SC there are a number of cute places. I don't think any are "don't miss" but it is a historic, scenic stop along the way. You could also try Bessingers BBQ. It is on hwy 17(Savannah Road) in Charleston, Near the I-526 juction.

          1. On the road between Hilton Head and Savannah (if you aren't driving on I-95) is a great barbecue place called the Pink Pig, which my family and I used to eat at every Saturday for lunch. They have a few different types of sauces, which can please a variety of people.

            Here is the only information i can find online about it:

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              How vegetarian might that be? Note that in many (if not most) barbecue joints, several items are cooked with ham hocks etc.

              If you are taking 17 South, a lovely drive in and of itself, you can make a detour to Walterboro and try Duke's Barbecue. Lots of sauces, from fiery hot to sweet mustard, excellent mac and cheese, great collards, terrific corn puffs, and about another half dozen vegetables. Open Wednesday-Sunday only. Pulled pork which is remarkably non-fatty. Lots of turnover here, so nothing sits long on the buffet line. No pies. All inclusive is something like $8 with tea, tax and Sunbeam bread on the tables. No frills, but locals eat here.

              If you have lots of time, go downtown, tons of antique shops, stop at a last of its kind pharmacy with soda fountain. Avoid the Slave Relics Museum just in case you're tempted to veer off the food path.

              Otherwise, not much along that stretch of road that meets your criteria.

            2. Sergeant White's BBQ in Beaufort.