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May 11, 2007 05:45 AM

Black Trumpet (Portsmouth) question

It seems like I read somewhere that the upstairs room is the place to be for dinner. Is that true? We're going Sun. when they're running a Mother's Day special so hopefully it won't be packed with that crowd, but just want to be situated in the best spot possible. Thanks.

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  1. If it's just two of you, the upstairs doubles on the window facing the water are indeed the place to be. No reservations taken for upstairs (but perhaps they will for Mother's Day?), so unless you get there early, those tables will likley already be snapped up!

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    1. re: Truh

      I agree, upstairs is where I prefer to be as well. There is no view downstairs, well it's not exactly a "view" upstairs either but it is nice to see the red tugboat. Tables tend to turn over slowly during prime time so I'd try to hit it early.

      1. re: kittychow

        I was there on opening night and, in fact, they made renovations to the front facade so the lower level now has a water view.

    2. Black Trumpet reviewed today (05-23-07) in the Union Leader--available online.