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May 11, 2007 01:05 AM

Best Chilaquiles

Where can I find the best chilaquiles? San Francisco preferably, but other locations are welcomed. Chowhounds will go anywhere in the name of good chow! Thank you!

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  1. "Best" is extremely subjective. Are you talking breakfast chilaquiles? With our without egg? People on this board have expressed strong preferences so it would be helpful to know the characteristics of your "best" chilaquiles.

    Personally, I don't give a rats ass about chilaquiles but LOVE migas so my favorite chilaquiles are the ones at Puerto Allegre simply because they are most like good ol' Austin migas. I love the green but my husband loves the red.

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      We split a tangent comparing chilaquiles and migas to its own post on the General Topics board. It's new location is here:

    2. The best chilaquiles I have found in SF (outside my own kitchen :-)) are at Pastores, on Mission near Cortland (Outer Mission). You may feel like you are eating in someone's home kitchen, but ultimately, chilaquiles are a home cooking type of thing anyway...

      I do agree with Larochelle that what constitutes 'best' is very subjective. I can't STAND eggs mixed in with mine. At Pastores you can get it with an egg over easy on the side, which is fine.

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        Thank you both - I was thinking more of the breakfast version. I think Migas is what I had more in mind! Has anyone heard anything about the chilaquiles at Los Jarritos? Thanks again!

        1. re: sabrinasmom

          I guess I am confused: the chilaquiles at Pastores *are* what I would call the breakfast version.(they are served as a breakfast dish on the breakfast menu. ) Well, I guess if you mean, with eggs mixed in, than sorry, can't help you.

          I can't remember if I have had chilaquiles at Los Jarritos or not, but obviously if I have (I have eaten there for breakfast more than once) they didn't make much of an impression. Overall, I'd much rather breakfast at Pastores than at Los Jarritos, though there are some items on the dinner menu at Los Jarritos that I enjoy...

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              You can also get the eggs scrambled on top at Pastores. I then mix'em.Yum!

              1. re: susancinsf

                Underwhelmed by my La Palma experience, I was still craving Mexican food and found Pastores open that evening. Our party of three families feasted well, the chilaquiles were outstanding, the pollo con rajas featured incredibly tender, perfectly cooked chicken with simple pan-grilled fresh jalapenos and queso fresco. Irma made quesadilla plates with rice and beans for all the kids and the entire contents were devoured. She could not be more welcoming, whipping up a bowl of soup on the fly (also devoured by said kids) and offering us alfajores on the house at the end of our meal.

                Sadly, we were one of only three parties there that evening. I wish parking were easier to come by on the Lotus Garden-to-Pastores stretch of Mission, both of these places deserve to be packed on a Friday night.

                1. re: bernalgirl

                  I'm afraid she may be gone--were you there last Friday? The shades have been closed each time I've walked or driven by, both at midday and early evening.

                  I hope not, since Irma just made another year in Bargain Bites.

                  1. re: Windy

                    The hours are very spotty. I've seen it open in the past few days.

                    1. re: Windy

                      I will try and go by tomorrow and check, but in my experience there has been at least one or two times when when the shades were drawn and the place looked totally closed, but when I checked the door sure enough they were open! I mentioned to her once upon sitting down that I had thought they were closed because the shades were down, but I don't think she got the significance: just smiled and said, 'oh no, we are open'....

                      1. re: susancinsf

                        All is well at Los Pastores. We had a delicious lunch today. In fact, most of the tables were busy.

                        1. re: Windy

                          What did you have for lunch??

                          1. re: lmarie

                            Chilequiles with carne asada and salsa verde and a melon agua fresca. (But I never get anything else). My cousin got the mole enchiladas.

                            More carnitas in the neighborhood is always a good thing.

                            1. re: Windy

                              sounds quite similar to what we usually order...

                              forLoriSF; I get the chilaquiles with salsa verde,but I think she will makethem either red or green on request...

                          2. re: Windy

                            thanks for checking back!...meant to go this weekend, but hubby was under the weather, so didn't make it.

                            btw, there is a new place that will be opening up further south on Mission, near College Place, called Carnitas someone (Someone's proper name, cant remember it...) isn't open yet but looks close, in the space where Rincon Sinaloa used to be, next door to Pan Rico. Hope to check it out soon.

                  2. re: sabrinasmom

                    I've had the chilaquiles at Los Jarritos and vastly preferred the chilaquilas at Puerto Allegre. The sauce is better and the PV chips still had some snap to them whereas the LJ chips were completely soggy.

                    1. re: larochelle

                      I took your advice and went to Puerto Allegre. Yummy - the chilaquiles come with rice and beans (and a little bit of shredded lettuce, tomato and sour cream) and is only on the Weekend Brunch Menu. The Weekend Brunch Menu states you can order a side of their grilled potatoes as well. As I was seated I was given chips and two different kinds of salsa. The waitress was very nice and suggested I order the chilaquiles with the grilled potatoes and order a side of rice and beans - that I would save $$$ that way. The chips that are served on the table are definitely not the chips in the chilaquiles. The chilaquiles had thick chips and were topped with queso fresco, I think! When I am in the Mission on the weekend I will definitely go back. I am also going to try Pastores and Los Jarritos for good measure! Thanks for the recommendation!

                  3. re: susancinsf

                    Good to know because i don't like the fried egg in mine either. Do they serve it with green or red sauce? I make this all the time would be interested in trying it out somewhere.

                  4. Mijita's at the Ferry Building are good, but no eggs mixed in. Only served Saturdays & Sundays.

                    The Primavera stand at the Saturday Farmer's Market there has them too: eggs, beans, garlic, queso fresco, corn tortilla chips with red sauce, crema, avocado, onion, cilantro

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                    1. re: kimchee

                      I was not at all impressed by Mijita's chilaquiles - expensive, no egg (mandatory for me) and the sauce was bland, bland, bland. Maybe they've improved but I'm gonna have to hear major, descriptive praise from a known chilaquiles fanatic before I'll give them another chance.

                      Primavera is fine if you're at the market anyway and feel like eating breakfast in that kind of "atmosphere" - I don't and would never make a special trip for the chilaquiles, especially since I can make better at home (out of the sun, don't have to fight for a table or bench, easy selection of beverages). And last time I checked, Primavera only makes red, no green.

                      1. re: larochelle

                        I disagree with the Mijitas Chilaquiles being have no idea how many times people look at the plate and ask me what this dish is called on the menu. They are a tasty and simple approach to making homestyle Chilaquiles and they serve them all day too. Yes, I am a harcore Chilaquiles guy! My mom used to serve them up with an egg - over easy or sunnyside up.

                        There is no right or wrong way to eat them, as long as the Salsa kicks ass and that the tortilla are not actually tortilla chips, but freshly fried tortilla. My final criteria is the type of cheese they use. This very important element is including the Cotija cheese crumbled lightly on top of the refried beans...and they do all this at Mijita! Try them again...just dont expect tons of salty salsa...these chilaquiles are intended to have natural flavors in each ingredient. I like that idea...served up with nice frijoles fritos...yeah baby!

                        I will try Primavera and the other suggested eateries...but so far, Mijitas is an 8.0 out of 10 (ten being Mama's) for its flavor and ingredients. However, it is not the classic traditional that 'mi Madre' would make. Hers were crispier too...but mom is in Los Angeles and I am here. :(

                        1. re: kewlmunkee97

                          I also loved Mijita's version and found it very flavorful. For a relatively pricy Mexican place (compared to most of their counterparts), I thought their chilaquiles were a steal. Couldn't finish it all. I do love Primavera (when they have chilaquiles) and Pastores as well.

                          1. re: Atomica

                            With your rec I'd be tempted to try them again for batch variation, but I was completley underwhelmed. The quality of the ingredients was without reproach, like almost everything else I've tried there, the chilaquiles managed to be less than sum of its parts. And I can't stand the refried beans there, sort of pasty and tasteless with unevenly cooked beans throughout. I'm not looking for refried beans to be spiced, but I do want them to taste comfortingly of good beans and they didn't. I have no idea how the kitchen pulls that off.

                            1. re: bernalgirl

                              They won't be better next time. You have to be in the mood for bland, which I happen to be in twice a month.

                            2. re: Atomica

                              I am relatively new to chilaquiles but I too really like Primavera's version and have gone back one weekend after the other seeking them out. (Really want to try their fish tacos). Will try these others!

                          2. re: larochelle

                            I too was incredibly underwhelmed with Mijita's chilaquiles. maybe we both had bad batches?
                            I like the chilequiles at tres agaves, but it's not a cheap spot. Otherwise I haven't had them too many places outside of mexico. Pastores is on my list to try.

                          3. re: kimchee

                            I live in Los Angeles and every time I visit SF, I head to the Primavera stand for their incredible chilaquiles. Only problem is they don't always have them (like the last time I went there - bah!). I have tried Mijitas, but it's not even close to Primaveras.

                            Clare K.

                            1. re: Clare K

                              I concur. I love Primavera's chilaquiles the best. I would say they seem to have them about 80% of the time I go to the Farmer's Market. Mmm.

                            2. re: kimchee

                              I recently got chilaquiles at Mijita for a weekday late-ish lunch. Their online menu lists it as a weekend-only item. Is that a very recent change? I thought it was a great deal, actually, with very nicely prepared scrambled eggs. It was huge, delicious, and not very expensive, especially compared with the rest of their menu.

                              Primavera is my favorite. It's a drag not knowing whether they will have them if you don't get to the Ferry Bldg. real frequently on a Saturday.

                              I also like Pastores' version and didn't think Los Jarritos was anything great. Nothing at Los Jarritos is very interesting. I like their hot chocolate, but I can make the exact same thing at home with a disk of Abuelita chocolate.

                            3. I love Papalote's chilaquiles. They're made with their unique spicy salsa, cheese on top, eggs optional, and a little pico de gallo on the side. There's one location in the Mission, and another on Fulton near USF.

                              Bahia in the Mission also does a good version of this dish.

                              1. For chilaquiles at dinner, I like the chilaquiles with chicken at Mamacita in the Marina. (Mamacita was recently reviewed by Patricia Unterman and she called their chilaquiles a destination dish. ) Be warned that the restaurant is extremely loud even relative to the many loud popular restaurants in the city so it is not a place for everyone.