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May 10, 2007 11:24 PM

cupcakes (phx)

Tried the new Cupcakes shop today in Hilton Village. Had the vanilla cake with the vanilla buttercream. Don't have a menu and haven't been able to find a website for them and I can't remember the exact details. Great cupcake. Rich but I didn't feel like I was going to die instantenously from artery hardening after it as I sometimes do with Tammie Coe's. Also finished the party animal (similar flavor with sprinkles & some other unidentified flavors) for a colleague who it was too sweet for and then I felt like I was going to die. Great cupcake too. Brought some home & tonight tried a vegan lemon cupcake which was quite good and a bite of a chocolate peanut butter one. Also very good. My sister had a chocolate one and she liked the cake part better than Tammie Coe's. That's pretty high praise in my book.

The place looks very similar to Lu Lu's cupcakes ( on Miller & McDowell and the style of cupcakes also appears very similar. They also have the same "no transfat" signage as Lu Lu's does. I actually asked if they were related or if the place was totally independent. I'd almost guess they were part of a franchise by the similarity. Nope.

They do have some quite interesting flavors as well. One in particular, "the cosmopolitan", sounded really interesting with I think a lime/coconut/vodka description but that was a Tuesday/Saturday flavor if I remember correctly. Really wish I had a menu or a website.

One thing that I found remarkable was that the cupcakes are $3.25 ea with quantity discounts (more than the typical $2.50 of Tammie Coe or Lu Lu's). While I sometimes OD on the amount of frosting on TC's Ooey Gooey and the coconut one, I have no idea what would justify the additional .$75 per cupcake. $2.50 already seems like a lot to me, though I can't help ordering a few every LGO visit. I know that the coming Sprinkles (Camelback & Scottsdale) also sells their cupcakes for $3.25 each so maybe that's where that came from.

I also have to mention that over the past couple weeks, we had some great Tammie Coe flavors that were new to us that we really loved. We had a vanilla cake with butterscotch frosting that was awesome (also had a bit thinner frosting layer which seemed to work perfectly). Then last weekend, we had a peanut butter & jelly cupcake that was also killer. Again a bit thinner frosting layer that worked perfectly.

While I've only had the basics at Lu Lu's (Blonde Bombshell - vanilla buttercream on vanilla cake and Tantrum Tamer - chocolate buttercream on vanilla cake), my preference would be...

#1: Tammie Coe's
#2: tie between Lu Lu's and Cupcakes.

I'm sure we will go back to Cupcakes on occasion but I will likely begrudge that $3.25 per cupcake each time. And I actually saw that Lu Lu's cupcakes are individually $2.95 or 4 for $10. Tammie Coe's seem like a bargain now! :


Having seen a Food Network Bobby Flay Throwdown tonight on cupcakes against Autie Em's in SoCal, I'm really looking to try a red velvet cupcake which Sprinkle's has in their everyday lineup (

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  1. I went to Fairy Cakes in Chandler, new. They serve very traditional, very good cupcakes. Red Velvet & Coconut were my favorites.

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    1. re: Tamar324

      Where is this Fairy Cakes in Chandler?

      1. re: LisaAZ

        Oh, and they were only $1.95 each!

      2. re: Tamar324

        Fairy Cakes is located on the SE corner of Ray & McClintock

      3. I have to say that I was not that impressed with the Tammie Coe cupcake that I bought at LGO. It was coconut, but the cake left something to be desired and the frosting was over the top. In regards to the frosting, I am a person who will buy a cupcake, just to lick the frosting off, but this one left me cold.

        There was another thing that stood out in my mind. While at LGO I walked down to the store front where you can watch Tammie Coe making the cakes and I smiled at her as I watched her add the fondant to one of her cakes. She saw me but didn't even crack a smile. This is the same reaction friends of mine received when they were down there months earlier. I have to say that this was a huge turn off.

        But I was downtown a few weeks ago and stopped at the Tammie Coe bakery on Roosevelt and 7th street and I purchased the blueberry and keylime tarts. I have to say that these were amazing. The fresh berries were a sweet compliment to the tart keylime filling. I would buy these again in a heartbeat! And the kids working behind the counter were very friendly!

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          we actually had some peanut butter and jelly cupcakes at lgo this weekend that weren't nearly as good as our last ones. not sure if they had been left out for a while but the cake was dry. she'd also moved the jelly from a thin layer across the top of the cake to a concentrated dollop at the bottom of the cake. we didn't like it nearly as well as it was far easier to get a bite that didn't have both of the contrasting tastes.

          we also feel that the coconut and ooey gooey can be too rich to handle. our past pb & js were awesome and the past vanilla toffee that we had were also wonderful.

          as far as tammie coe herself, no interaction with her but that's definitely a bummer.

          1. re: ccl1111

            You had a dry one recently too? I had my first experience with a Tammie Coe Ooey Gooey recently and completely didn't understand the fuss. The cake part was dry, bitter, and one-dimensional in its chocolatiness. The frosting was an average amount of ordinary buttercream that I've made at home dozens of times. It was decent, but no WAY would I pay 2.50 for another one.

            The chocolate chip cookie freshly baked just for you at Welcome Diner, though... ooooh so good.

            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              it's such a bummer when you hit a bad instance of something you love.

              i'm a freak for the coffee soda at orange table but same thing this week. had a friend in town who loves coffee but ended up not liking soda water so i had 2 last week. the coffee flavor was not as intense as usual and the soda was a bit flat. still a yummy desert type drink but not the coffee soda i'm addicted to. the coffee was still great though.

              we did cup cakes in hilton village again yesterday for our daughter's birthday and while they are good, nothing cupcake-wise is setting our hair on fire.

              went to try the ch recommended one at amy's bakery (or something) next to pita jungle on shea and it's actually closed with a note on the window. looks like they've had some maintenance issues and were closed down and are resetting for a grand opening now.

        2. I just tried out LuLu's Cupcakes in South Scottsdale. There's no doubt that they'll be out of business before their lease is up. The cupcakes were small, stale, dry, unimaginative, and not worth $2.95 a piece. The "buttercream" tastes more like powdered sugar than a creamy, buttery confection. I tried a taste of four of their seven offerings and they tasted as bad as they looked. What a disappointment. I drove a 30 mile round trip to try them out, but it's just as well, you never know when you're going to score a great bite.