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May 10, 2007 10:47 PM

Bruegger's Bagels?

They are opening a location where I live and I was wondering if it was good or not. I lived in NYC and got used to ess-a-bagel and H&H. Don't expect it to be that good...but maybe better than Lender's?

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  1. It's not a NY bagel, but it's definitely better than Lenders. I am partial to their lox cream cheese and to their "Leonardo Da Veggie" (Cutesy name, good taste) bagel sandwich. Also, for breakfast cheaply, I like their hummus spread thickly on a wheat bagel.

    1. Izziizziizzi

      good news, bad news. the sandwiches are OK, the bagels are, well, let's put it this way, they are not ANYWHERE close to the two mentioned. Fortunately jfood works in NYC 2 days out of the week and gets his real bagel fix at Ess. Yesterday before catching the train home to CT jfood went to the market in GCT and purchased some Kossar bialys. Stale and toasted they are waaaay better than Brueggers.

      The cream cheese. It's actually bitter, jfood can't even eat it. and if you think the mixed cream cheeses will approach those at Ess, another disappointment looms in the future.

      Sorry for the bad news but given your HH & Ess benchmark, you will be sadly disappointed. They are probably on par with Lenders, but if pushed came to shove jfood would probably toast a lenders first.

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      1. re: jfood

        They are better then Lender's - they are at least freshly baked even if they aren't freshly made. But product X from a chain store is never going to be as good as product X from a place well-known for exceptionally good X. That's pretty much a given.

        1. re: jzerocsk

          I agree with jzerocsk and thegolferbitch. There is a yawning chasm between bagels from some place like Ess-A and those from Lenders, and Bruegger's fits in that chasm nicely. Down here in Northern Virginia, it was a real loss when the Bruegger's shops all closed because of a falling-out between the local franchisee and the home office. We have some decent bagels but there's plenty of room for a good chain too.

          So forget about comparisons to Ess-A and H&H. Nothing will measure up. Once you do that, in almost any city Bruegger's will probably stand up pretty well to the local competition.

          Bruegger's cream cheese is pretty tangy -- but that's a far cry from bitter.

          Lender's is a joke, on a par with "bagels" from places like Dunkin Donuts and Panera. Bruegger's is superior to Einstein, the other big national bagel chain, which I think are pretty crappy too.

          1. re: Bob W


            Tangy is a much better word than bitter. thx. jfood stands corrected.

            BTW jfood like Einstein better than bruegers, so two points of view. And jfood does not understad the self control of anyone going to DD and buying a bagel instead of a boston cream or coffee roll. :-))

      2. thanks guys, that's what i expected. if anyone's familiar with charlottesville, va. they have a good local place called bodo's which wasn't AS good as essa but still good. when i need a bagel fix it shoudl suffice...hopefully.

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        1. re: izzizzi

          izzizzi -- go get a meal at The Nook and ask the proprietor Stu Rifkin where to get the best bagel in town. tell him i sent you. 8>D

          1. re: Bob W

            ok...i'll be in cville in a few weeks anyway. why, is there another bagel place i'm unaware of?

            1. re: izzizzi

              there may or may not be -- but if there is Stu Rifkin will know about it. He's lived in C'ville for years and is both a restaurateur and a chowhound of some repute. Plus, his latest venture -- the venerable Nook -- is supposed to be very good too. So you'll get a good meal plus reliable info on bagels or whatever else your heart desires.

        2. About ten years ago in the Seattle area there was something of a bagel fad, and bagel places (including Bruegger's) popped up like weeds, then all but a few disappeared completely about eighteen months later. Having never been to any of the benchmark New York places cited here (having never been to New York, for that matter) I seem to recall that Bruegger's was probably my favorite of the chain bagels in the areas (with Noah's being not quite as good, but there are still a few of those around so they're probably doing something right.) Unfortunately, most places around here there isn't much besides supermarket bagels available now.

          1. Depending on the franchise owner some of them have a peanut thai chicken sandwich on the menu. It is really good.