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May 10, 2007 09:47 PM

Just 2 wineries in Napa to choose

Hey There,

I have only 2 winery choices to pick and would love some expert advice. Only 2 so tasting prices can be anything. Looking forward to your responses.


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  1. It depends on what you're looking for in a winery visit. I love Duckhorn's semi-private estate wines tasting because it offers great wines and you get away from the crowds. For something more casual that feels like "old Napa" try Prager portworks/winery in St. Helena. Hess is a nice choice if you want more of an overall destination - a really scenic drive & location, good wine, and a very nice art gallery.

    1. Karl Lawrence and Del Dotto. Ask for Ric Henry at Karl Lawrence, ask for Georgia to Thys (pronounced Tie) at Del Dotto. Karl Lawrence is a boutique winery healmed by the great (and sweet) Micheal Trujillo out of the garage at Sequoia Grove. Del Dotto is a bigger establishment and they will take you n a cave tour and let you make your own blends. Karl Lawrence is free to taste but there is nothing to buy. Del Dotto is at least $30 and there is lots to buy.

      1. If you like sparkling wine I suggest Schramsberg, just south of Calistoga. We toured there Friday. $25pp, spent just over an hour with a friendly knowlegable guide who explained the history of the place, led us through the caves carved by Chinese laborers so long ago, explained their approach to winemaking, then gave us four Delicious! blockbuster sparkling wines.

        1. I always recommenf Luna Winery on Silverado Trail. They have many tasting menus and a tower overlooking their Pino Grigio vines you can take you wine up and look at teh view. I have never had a wine there I didn't like.

          Also, up the road is Mumm. They have only sparkling wines, but a nice sit-down restaraunt feel.

          1. It would really help if you narrowed down your selection by varietal choice -- someone looking for the best Chardonnay would get a different answer than someone looking for the best Zinfandel. Give us your preferred-varietals, please...