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May 10, 2007 09:28 PM

Fig & Olive (MPD) -- Horrible Service

Lasi night I had dinner at Fig & Olive in the Meat Packing District. What a disappointment! Food so-so and service was horrible. In chronological order....

(1) When I walked in I immediately informed the hostess we would be 2, not 3. After waiting almost 25 minutes for our table, they asked us where the 3rd person was when we arrived to the 4-top. After pointing out once again we were only 2, we were made to wait even further. Then, they seated us at a different 4-top. hmmmm...

(2) Even though we ordered a bottle of wine almost immediately upon seating, it took 20 minutes and 2 reminders for it to come.

(3) We had to flag down waitress to order

(4) Crostinis were quite tasty but yellow fin carpaccio was eh.

(5) My steak had to be sent back twice as the order was friend was done with her meal by the time I started mine. And mine was bland.

(6) We never got offered more water. When we finally asked, it never came,.

(7) F&O aknoweldged their mistake and wanted to buy us desert. I ordered warn apple tart with ice cream. It arrived without ice cream -- they ran out. Tart sat in the kitchen so long, it came out tepid at best.

(9) We asked for check and then had to ask again as the waitress forgot it. Then it took was seemed like forever to run the CC.

Nice space. Food so-so. HORRIBLE service. Will not be back.

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  1. I kind of have to agree. The space was lovely, but my dinner tasted like a lean cuisine meal.

    1. Ooh, I had a horrible experience at the uptown location a few weeks ago!!! We actually walked out having only had water and bread and olive oil because everyone was ignoring us, and in our experience, when service starts out that bad, it rarely improves. Here's my post about it.

      1. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I have been to the uptown location many times and both food and service have always been great. I have yet to try the downtown location. I hope it was just an off night....