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Oct 1, 2005 07:38 PM

Serbian food festival 10/15

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A reply to an old post on Hot Posts prompted me to look this up: this year the Serbian Orthodox church in Moraga is having its food festival on Saturday, October 15. I was out of town last year (as I will be this year), but my parents went and had a good time.

There's also mention that they serve lunch after services on Sundays from September through May prepared by members of the parish and available to parishioners and "guests" for a "modest donation." Sounds like something someone interested in Serbian food should check out.


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  1. Great, thanks! Never tried Serbian food, but it sounds interesting. Looking at the few mentioned dishes it seems like a Greek/German/Hungarian blend (which would make sense).

    Is there any definitive bay area listing of these food festivals? AAA used to have great lists, but their coordinator left about five years ago, and they are no longer useful. This event seems to have been around for years, but it's the first I'd heard of it...