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Trendy Expensive Best Dining in LA

Please help...I heard this board gives great recommendations. My client wants to take his clients to a happening, trendy, excellent restaurant in LA. Price doesn't matter. Would you be so kind to offer your top 5 suggestions? Thanks!

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        1. Spago is fine, but I wouldn't really call it "happening" or "trendy".

          Some others to consider (in no particular order):
          ALL' ANGELO

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                food is better at Spago but Cut for what you are looking

                Mozza is my personal favorite

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                  what about places like:


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                    LOVE AOC! great cheeses/small plates/grilled meats + fish, impressive wine selection, beautiful space, always packed. more of a sophisticated crowd. clients would be impressed.

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                    I love Mozza and it is happening, but in my humble opinion, not really right to impress a client. Some of the other recomendations are much more what you're looking for.

                  3. Koi, Cut, Mozza

                    Dan Tana's - it's old-school but very happening and I've spotted celebs there - great food (pastas and steaks)

                    Mastro's - best steak I've ever had. Older crowd. Definitely very happening especially if you sit upstairs.

                    1. The Lodge on La Cienega is pretty trendy also... but I second what Lisastitch says..
                      all very good calls

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                          Best and trendiest in town right now: Katsuya

                          Abode is hopping, lots of celebs. Rustic Canyon is also hopping. Whist at Viceroy, can't get much trendier.

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                          I would say Lodge, Social, Koi or Cut.

                          1. Happening restaurants right now, I'd probably say AOC, Mozza, Providence and Cut. Beyond that, my favorite restaurants in that stratosphere are Grace, Hatfields, Lucques and of course, Spago.

                            1. Nobu in Malibu.
                              Katsuya in Brentwood.
                              And, as previously mentioned, Cut.

                              1. Spago still has "it." Also consider Les Deux in Hollywood, Il Cielo, or Koi in West Hollywood.

                                1. while not really trendy, "price doesn't matter" screams out urasawa. sometimes exclusive outweighs trendy. very very fine japanese cuisine including sushi...

                                  $250 pp w/o tax tip or drinks. did the price go up recently?

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                                    Yes it did. Urasawa is now 275-ea plus 30-per bottle corkage.

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                                      Except if you are looking for a place where you are going to be having more of a relaxed social interaction with your clients, instead of concentrating on the temple of cuisine and the food artistry that Ursawa represents (and how it commands your attention to the exclusion of other, more mundane things).

                                    2. CUT and KOI- most trendy but Cut older crowd, better service and better food if they want steakhouse. SONA and HATFIELD'S personal faves (Sona more client impressive). Hatfield's -foodie dream with best desserts anywhere (chef trained by Jean-Georges). Blue Velvet very cool off beaten track for clients. All Angelo new/good but OLDER crowd. Mozza (fab and trendy) but too imited menu. AOC multi-age, always trendy, always great but they need a table downstairs. Westside newbie ABODE (from all the buzz) seems like new foodie place to be!

                                      1. The Penthouse at The Huntley is ridiculously happening.