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May 10, 2007 09:15 PM

Korean BBQ place that uses charcoal???

Alright, a new friend of mine insists that the Korean BBQ in NYC is better. With the largest Korean population outside of Korea right here in L.A., I'm gonna try to prove him wrong. Trouble is, I don't know much about Korean food, but I do like it quite a bit.

He wants a place that uses charcoal. I know of Soot Bull Jeep and Park's BBQ. I've also heard good things about Ham Ji Park although I don't know if they use charcoal. Tell me what you can about these 3 places. Which one should I take my friend, too? What should we order? Do you have any other places to recommend??


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  1. We've tried several in the area and keep coming back to Soot Bull Jeep. We like it the best, and the least expensive. We go early, the ladies don't speak a lot of english but they give us good service. Love the beef and the short ribs, but was disappointed in the tongue, needed some kind of marinade. Enjoy

    1. Park BBQ is my favorite for charcoal grilling.

      I used to be a Soot Bull Jeep die-hard, and although I still like the place, I find the meat dishes better at Park.

      1. So, ipsedixit, what do you recommend specifically at Park's? My friend mentioned kalbi, bulgogi, bibimbap, and neng myun specifically.

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          try the tokyo x pork belly. also the galbi tang. they charge extra for kimchi. strange.

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            Tokyo X and the Kobe beef.

            Bring your MasterCard, two in fact. But you'll thank me later.


          2. I have said this before and I will say it again. My last meal on earth is going to be at Soot Bull Jeep. Their kalbi is to die for. So much more flavor than any other Korean BBQ place I've been to (I've eaten in SF, SD and LA, not NY). I've taken my husband, mother, brother, brother's baby's mama, friends, lovers, everyone I know in LA to Soot Bull Jeep. Parking is a pain but if you are up to eating kick ass Korean BBQ during lunch on weekends, you'll be guaranteed a parking spot in their coveted parking lot strip. Remember to wear clothes from the hamper, the charcoal meat will stick to you and you will not be suitable for public afterward. So either go immediately home and shower, or just immediately hole up in K-town's many private karaoke rooms. Karaoke will always love you, no matter how bad you smell.

            With that said, I haven't tried Ham Ji Park but I will now if there's a possibility of having an even better last meal on earth experience.

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            1. re: amoretignis

              I love Soot Bull Jeep, #1 and #2 on the menu.

              I want to go to Park. From the Times review, I take it that each order of meat is 1 pound, which would make it difficult and expensive to try different things if there are only two of you.
              Can someone confirm or reject this notion of their serving sizes.

              1. re: Wolfgang

                Dunno the weight of the meat at Park's, but for modest to light eaters, 2 people can definitely share one order of meat. For the more ravenous types, 3 people can easily be satiated with 2 orders of meat. Unless you just came back from hiking the Himalayas, a 1:1 ratio would most likely be much too much food. Plus, don't forget all that panchan ....

            2. soot bul gui rim is a combo charcoal/gas joint. that is if AYCE kbbq is your thing.