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Best casual place for frsh oysters?

Beside Oyster Bar in Grand Central and Aquagrill, any other recommendations that are pretty casual?

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  1. these casual places have a nice selection everyday
    schaffer city
    wild edibles

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    1. Schaffer's is great. Also, Jacks Oyster Bar is tiny but fun, but for the ultimate experience (and still casual) is the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.

      1. Can't get any more casual than Live Bait on 23rd St.

        1. You can go early and sit at the bar at Blue Ribbon - outstanding oysters.

          1. My favorite place for cheap and casual oysters is Fish. They always have a good selection of both east and west coast oysters that changes daily. Also, their special with 1/2 dozen Blue Points with a glass of house wine or a pint of Pabst really can't be beat.

            If you go, get the twin tar tar too. Delish!

            1. Here are 2 more. Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia street, and Mermaid Inn on 2nd ave.

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                I'm going to Pearl tonight...what do you reccomend (besides the oysters of course!)

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                    I loved the fried oysters - we also had the raw oysters and clams the other night. My husband loves the steamers. The salt(ed) shrimp also excellent. And get the praline parfait for dessert!

              2. Schaffer City is and always has been numero uno for raw oysters in the city though not as well known as lesser places. For cooked, I'd go with Fish for their Angels on Horseback-oysters gently broiled and wrapped with Ottomanelli's thick bacon and horseradish and cocktail sauce. Doesn't get better.

                1. There is a new oyster in town: Wild Edibles restaurant on 3rd avenue between 35th and 36th. I have eaten there four times since they re-jigged their space - adding a few tables and a bar. On a recent visit, their fish manager boasted that since they are primarily a wholesaler, they bring a fresh batch in everyday, returning any uneaten oysters to HQ. Try the Beau Soleil if they have them. The choice varies from day to day. Get there early, the word is getting around.
                  Aquagrill has been my favorite up till now, but I have been converted.