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May 10, 2007 09:01 PM

LA Mill Coffee Opening On Silver Lake Blvd.?!

Could it be? Could LA Mill Coffee be opening a retail branch in our home sweet home of Silver Lake, just mere steps away from us on the Boulevard? I thought we were winning the coffee lottery with Intelligentsia opening up in the Junction, but this is just crazy.

We're going from no serious coffee joints to two renowned shops in a matter of months. The word around town is that Rubbish, the store that just vacated LA Mill's future home, will be designing the shop's interior while Cal Asia construction (who also constructed Mozza) is, well, heading up construction.

But for some reason, the LA Mill element of the deal is still very hush hush as I was not able to find it in any of my usual stops for restaurant gossip. A quick call to one of the businesses involved was all it took to produce this happy tidbit for Silver Lake. Now if someone could just assure me that it's a done deal....

Pics of shuttered Rubbish (and future LA Mill?):


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  1. Great. I heard the same thing a few months ago at one of their "tastings." They said they had found a place, but last year I remember they said something similar about pasadena. Then nothing happened. So while, I am excited about a retail space, I am not going to hold my breath.

    1. this is good news! I am so there -- always looking for good coffee.

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        That's great news, Suebee! I knew something was going on there but hadn't gotten around to checking it out, and Craig had told me before he was looking at West Hollywood -- But it's our gain!

        1. re: Chowpatty

          i just got word that La Mill is IN FACT opening a retail location on Silverlake Blvd. It's a done deal!! And i heard they have something AMAZING planned, but no secrets have been leaked as to what exactly it is...I'M SOOOOO INTRIGUED!!!!

          1. re: stellar1

            After reading everyone's posts, I decided to pick up my La Mill coffee in person in order to see if I could find out more about what the new retail location would offer. Some things have not been finalized, but here are a couple of things that are certain: 1) they're going to serve coffee in several ways, including the Chemex tableside drip method and the Clover method, 2) breakfast and lunch menu developed by Michael Cimarusti (head chef/owner of Providence) and dessert menu by Adrian Vasquez (also of Providence).

            I had no idea of what the Clover method was, but one of the VP's at La Mill was generous enough to give me a demonstration. It looks like an incredibly expensive piece of equipment that prepares coffee in a manner somewhat reminiscent of the French press/cafetiere (but with some sort of hydraulic lift), but its main advantage is that you can program its settings for various types of coffee. As a result, they will have the ability to brew whatever coffee you want on demand, whereas most coffee places usually have 1-3 types of coffee ready at any one time. The coffee is really good as it gives a richer, fuller experience like a French press/cafetiere but with much less sediment that sometimes "muddies" the drinking experience.

            They seemed hush-hush about when exactly they'll be opening, but if anyone walks by the place and sees that they're almost ready, please let me know as I'm dying to see what this place will be like.

            1. re: MasterBaker

              i received a postcard saying october. it must have been greg that showed you around. the folks at LA MILL are so professional, but also really humble. i think they make great product and i love craig's story.

              1. re: revets2

                Yes, it was Greg that showed me around and I agree that the people at La Mill are just great, from the owner Craig to the receptionist Susie. By the way, you mention that you love Craig's story. Since I really don't know much about the company, would you mind filling me in on what's his story?

                1. re: MasterBaker

                  basically been roasting since he was a kid. reconcepted his father's almost bankrupt company into a premier roaster. by the way, he's all of around 29 years old.

              2. re: MasterBaker

                Hi MisterBaker,

                Thanks so much for sharing more details about La Mill's Silver Lake store. I was pretty darn excited about the coffee but a menu developed by Providence chefs sounds wonderful. We're steps away, so I'll definitely post if it looks like they are close to opening.


                1. re: Suebee

                  Good news...i just found this on looks like Opening Day is around the corner!

                  "SILVER LAKE: Now that Intelligentsia is humming along, we're getting regular queries about the LA Mill Coffee Boutique opening in the former Rubbish spot on Silver Lake Boulevard. Owner Craig Min was hoping for an October debut, but today we called the LA Mill offices and were told "no exact date yet, but we're looking at the end of November." A drive-by shooter took a snap of the space last night: Note the Plywood is down, work is coming along inside. The cafe will have a menu designed by Providence chef Michael Cimarusti, small plates, paninis, plus desserts by the Providence pastry chef. "

                  1. re: stellar1

                    soft open is planned for the third week of november.

                    1. re: revets2

                      Thanks for the heads-up. I'd better stake out my parking space now...

                      1. re: Woolsey

                        The parking lot is all striped and ready to go -- maybe about a dozen spaces? Anyway better than nothing.

                        1. re: Chowpatty

                          Deep in the heart of The Land Where No One Works - where all the overpriced vintage stores and horrible coffee shops selling subpar diner food at $15 a plate are always packed even at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesdays or 3:00 P.M. on Thursdays because, well, no one has to go to their job when they live in Silver Lake - you know there will never be an open space there. Hell, there may not ever be an open chair at the place...

                          1. re: Woolsey

                            I work 10-12 hours at night usually. That's why I care about my establishments!

        2. This now makes it official then: I am never moving.

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          1. re: meganinlosfeliz

            Hey....for all you silver lakers, Lark Cake Shop serves LA Mill coffee. I had one the other day with my cupcake and it just made me love that cake shop even more. I am not a big coffee fan, but I just felt like a cup that day and to my surprise it was quite good. So for all you coffee peeps out there who cant get enough LA Mill coffee, head out to Lark Cake Shop.

            1. re: MoonMan

              Agree. I had an excellent espresso con panna at Lark a couple weeks ago, and an iced capuccino thereafter. It was the first time I had tasted L.A. Mill, and I was not disappointed!

              1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                sounds like an expensive cup of coffee

                1. re: ns1

                  what exactly are you referring to in terms of an expensive cup of coffee?
                  La Mill Coffee in general, La Mill at Lark, or La Mill's retail offerings online?
                  Your post is vague, so feel free to offer up some details so the Hounders can either support or refute your opinion.

                  1. re: peanut112

                    La Mill doesn't seem expensive. I just checked the website, and their per-pound prices are in line with Peet's, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Groundworks.

          2. Is this open yet? Website says January 2008.

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              1. re: Chowpatty

                Well, eaterLA's Lesley Balla mentioned just a while ago that January 11 was the magical date. Maybe the soft opening on the 7th, who knows!

            1. The original comment has been removed