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LA Mill Coffee Opening On Silver Lake Blvd.?!

Could it be? Could LA Mill Coffee be opening a retail branch in our home sweet home of Silver Lake, just mere steps away from us on the Boulevard? I thought we were winning the coffee lottery with Intelligentsia opening up in the Junction, but this is just crazy.

We're going from no serious coffee joints to two renowned shops in a matter of months. The word around town is that Rubbish, the store that just vacated LA Mill's future home, will be designing the shop's interior while Cal Asia construction (who also constructed Mozza) is, well, heading up construction.

But for some reason, the LA Mill element of the deal is still very hush hush as I was not able to find it in any of my usual stops for restaurant gossip. A quick call to one of the businesses involved was all it took to produce this happy tidbit for Silver Lake. Now if someone could just assure me that it's a done deal....

Pics of shuttered Rubbish (and future LA Mill?):


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  1. Great. I heard the same thing a few months ago at one of their "tastings." They said they had found a place, but last year I remember they said something similar about pasadena. Then nothing happened. So while, I am excited about a retail space, I am not going to hold my breath.

    1. this is good news! I am so there -- always looking for good coffee.

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        That's great news, Suebee! I knew something was going on there but hadn't gotten around to checking it out, and Craig had told me before he was looking at West Hollywood -- But it's our gain!

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          i just got word that La Mill is IN FACT opening a retail location on Silverlake Blvd. It's a done deal!! And i heard they have something AMAZING planned, but no secrets have been leaked as to what exactly it is...I'M SOOOOO INTRIGUED!!!!

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            After reading everyone's posts, I decided to pick up my La Mill coffee in person in order to see if I could find out more about what the new retail location would offer. Some things have not been finalized, but here are a couple of things that are certain: 1) they're going to serve coffee in several ways, including the Chemex tableside drip method and the Clover method, 2) breakfast and lunch menu developed by Michael Cimarusti (head chef/owner of Providence) and dessert menu by Adrian Vasquez (also of Providence).

            I had no idea of what the Clover method was, but one of the VP's at La Mill was generous enough to give me a demonstration. It looks like an incredibly expensive piece of equipment that prepares coffee in a manner somewhat reminiscent of the French press/cafetiere (but with some sort of hydraulic lift), but its main advantage is that you can program its settings for various types of coffee. As a result, they will have the ability to brew whatever coffee you want on demand, whereas most coffee places usually have 1-3 types of coffee ready at any one time. The coffee is really good as it gives a richer, fuller experience like a French press/cafetiere but with much less sediment that sometimes "muddies" the drinking experience.

            They seemed hush-hush about when exactly they'll be opening, but if anyone walks by the place and sees that they're almost ready, please let me know as I'm dying to see what this place will be like.

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              i received a postcard saying october. it must have been greg that showed you around. the folks at LA MILL are so professional, but also really humble. i think they make great product and i love craig's story.

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                Yes, it was Greg that showed me around and I agree that the people at La Mill are just great, from the owner Craig to the receptionist Susie. By the way, you mention that you love Craig's story. Since I really don't know much about the company, would you mind filling me in on what's his story?

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                  basically been roasting since he was a kid. reconcepted his father's almost bankrupt company into a premier roaster. by the way, he's all of around 29 years old.

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                Hi MisterBaker,

                Thanks so much for sharing more details about La Mill's Silver Lake store. I was pretty darn excited about the coffee but a menu developed by Providence chefs sounds wonderful. We're steps away, so I'll definitely post if it looks like they are close to opening.


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                  Good news...i just found this on EaterLA.com. looks like Opening Day is around the corner!

                  "SILVER LAKE: Now that Intelligentsia is humming along, we're getting regular queries about the LA Mill Coffee Boutique opening in the former Rubbish spot on Silver Lake Boulevard. Owner Craig Min was hoping for an October debut, but today we called the LA Mill offices and were told "no exact date yet, but we're looking at the end of November." A drive-by shooter took a snap of the space last night: Note the Plywood is down, work is coming along inside. The cafe will have a menu designed by Providence chef Michael Cimarusti, small plates, paninis, plus desserts by the Providence pastry chef. "

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                    soft open is planned for the third week of november.

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                      Thanks for the heads-up. I'd better stake out my parking space now...

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                        The parking lot is all striped and ready to go -- maybe about a dozen spaces? Anyway better than nothing.

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                          Deep in the heart of The Land Where No One Works - where all the overpriced vintage stores and horrible coffee shops selling subpar diner food at $15 a plate are always packed even at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesdays or 3:00 P.M. on Thursdays because, well, no one has to go to their job when they live in Silver Lake - you know there will never be an open space there. Hell, there may not ever be an open chair at the place...

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                            I work 10-12 hours at night usually. That's why I care about my establishments!

        2. This now makes it official then: I am never moving.

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            Hey....for all you silver lakers, Lark Cake Shop serves LA Mill coffee. I had one the other day with my cupcake and it just made me love that cake shop even more. I am not a big coffee fan, but I just felt like a cup that day and to my surprise it was quite good. So for all you coffee peeps out there who cant get enough LA Mill coffee, head out to Lark Cake Shop.

            1. re: MoonMan

              Agree. I had an excellent espresso con panna at Lark a couple weeks ago, and an iced capuccino thereafter. It was the first time I had tasted L.A. Mill, and I was not disappointed!

              1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                sounds like an expensive cup of coffee

                1. re: ns1

                  what exactly are you referring to in terms of an expensive cup of coffee?
                  La Mill Coffee in general, La Mill at Lark, or La Mill's retail offerings online?
                  Your post is vague, so feel free to offer up some details so the Hounders can either support or refute your opinion.

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                    La Mill doesn't seem expensive. I just checked the website, and their per-pound prices are in line with Peet's, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Groundworks.

          2. Is this open yet? Website says January 2008.

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              1. re: Chowpatty

                Well, eaterLA's Lesley Balla mentioned just a while ago that January 11 was the magical date. Maybe the soft opening on the 7th, who knows!

            1. Mixed news for me... I live doors down from LAMILL and I've peeked inside past the paper covering the doors; it certainly looks pretty fancy and I was faced with the question of whether I would be a patron there. The Back Door Café the next block over has been treating me pretty well. It might not be the fanciest place on the planet, but it has been a staple of this neighborhood.

              Unfortunately, I'm left with no choice now. Looks like the Back Door is going to have to relocate due to other circumstances, which I think is bad for the neighborhood. At least I can still get some coffee. I just hope I don't have to deal with the same obnoxious lines/baristas that they have at Inteligentia.

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              1. re: Wolf_Fishbein

                You may have to deal with the obnoxious lines, parking, etc...but I think the staff is really nice and warm and pretty indicative of the Silverlake neighborhood....

                1. re: peanut112

                  I agree with peanut112. Don't expect obnoxious staff at LAMill. It's a different concept altogether. I am anxious to try the food as well since the menu was created by Michael Cimarusti.

                  1. re: peanut112

                    The baristas at Intelligentsia have always been nothing but gracious and kind to me. I didn't see any seating outside and asked to have the latte I originally requested in a porcelain cup placed moved to a paper cup. The latte was already made in porcelain, and, rather than just pouring it into a paper cup, they made me a fresh one in paper. I felt bad and asked to pay for both. The wouldn't let me (in a nice way), even when I insisted. The instructor of the brewing class remembers me and has comped my drinks when I buy beans. If they are less-than-chatty, it's only because they're busy and focused on making their product really good. Intelligentsia's baristas don't just dump the milk in the cup and spoon on the milk, after all.

                    But I have never, ever gotten bad attitude at Intelligentsia. I've never had to deal with an employee ignoring me to chat endlessly with a favored regular (Town & Country) or handing over bigger portions to someone while skimping on my order (Pazzo Gelato). In fact, I'm usually not caffeinated and acting like a jerk, and they take it all in stride. The service there is excellent.

                    1. re: Woolsey

                      Anyone know if you can park free in the Cafe Stella lot during the day to get a coffee?

                      1. re: Josh90004

                        Yes, but it fills up fast. I think Cafe Stella takes over around 6 pm...

                        1. re: Chowpatty

                          The last time I went, it was a "no." You can park for Intelligentsia, Cheese Store of Silver Lake, or anything else down there, but you have to pay the valet. There's a ten-minute validation - that's it.

                        2. re: Josh90004

                          I often park there during the week (no valet). On the weekends, it is a valet lot and it's only free if you are in and out in 15 min. Often, that is possible when getting a to go coffee, but it's also easy to miss it by a min. or two.

                    2. re: Wolf_Fishbein

                      What obnoxious baristas at Intelligentsia?

                      Since LA Mill is (rumored to be) using the same type of coffee machine as Intelligentsia, I don't know if the lines for coffee will be any shorter.

                      I also heard that Back Door will be no more by Feb. I will miss them but their coffee wasn't very good.

                      1. re: TechGirl

                        I too have had nothing but great service at Intelligentsia and would agree with Woolsey that they are focused on their craft as opposed to just slinging joe the way a certain corporate chain might. They take a good deal of pride in what they do.
                        Techgirl-yes for sure La Mill is going to be using the Clover as Intelligentsia does. In fact, if you browse around, you can find some sneak peeks inside La Mill's location and can see plainly the Clover on the right hand side of one of the images.

                        1. re: peanut112

                          I drive by LA Mill every day on my way to work. As soon as I see the brown paper come down, I am going in. And, I'll be sure to post on Chowhound.

                          I hope Intelligentsia doesn't think I'm cheating on them...

                          What to do with 2 places that have Clovers.

                          1. re: TechGirl

                            well,in that case Ms. Cheater Cheater, head on over at 6am on Friday...that's when La Mill finally opens...YEP....fo' sho'....

                            1. re: peanut112

                              You rule! Just for that I will buy you some coffee.

                              I can guarantee that I WON'T be there at 6am.

                              Is this an official opening or a soft opening?

                              1. re: TechGirl

                                Friday is their official opening. And expect it to be crowded from then on out (unless it's awful). Unlike Intelligentsia's hard, mostly unsheltered outdoor seating and sparse offerings of brought-in pastries, LA Mill is serving a broad menu of dishes made in-house, and there is comfortable seating indoors. I expect that the Silver Lake Loafers will be staking out their seats to write their screenplays or blogs (or Chowhound posts) for hours on end. It could be harder to get a seat there than at Mozza.

                                1. re: TechGirl

                                  Woke up at 6:00 am today to jog down there-few people inside -I got all excited only for the door to be closed to the public- turns out just a private pre-coffee tasting--when is this teasing going to stop ???

                                  1. re: CZ 101

                                    I got there around 10am today and the doors were open to the public. YEAH! It pays to be late to work.

                                    I got a cappuccino, bacon & onion brioche and a canelé. The cappuccino was good but the brioche was fantastic.

                                    This is such a welcome addition to the hood. I can't wait to go there and have a meal.

                            2. re: peanut112

                              If you mean craft, talking to their friends while you have to wait 5 minutes, just to pay them, then fine. I get the craft part; I have no problem with that. I've had to wait on more than one occasion AFTER I've received my drink - So you take the time it takes for the "craft" on top of the amount of time it takes just to pay them for their "craft" and then it's oops, sorry I'm late.

                              I've worked in the "service industry" before. It sucks, but no matter how many tattoos someone has they should not be above courtesy to their customers.

                        2. went to the last soft opening lunch at the new LA MILL CAFFÉ.

                          it's more like an experience. so at opening, if you're dashing in before work to get a quick cuppa joe and expect to clock in on-time, don't.

                          - an elegant and modern european café, not an american coffee house
                          - coffee for coffee geeks: chemex, siphon, a one-of-a-kind in the US, barely out of the box, hand pounded, 80th anniversary, Marzocco, clover, etc.
                          - specialty coffee drinks that would take 1st prize at any World Barista Championship
                          - simple, innovative, out of this world food (loved my BLT made with pork belly)
                          - professional, knowledgeable service

                          LA MILL owners, Michael and team members get high marks for this unique venue, for lifting up the third world communities who supply them, for being earnest and true to an original vision.

                          approach the opening with PATIENCE. new ventures are challenging.

                          go with grace and enjoy the ride. and if you want the real deal, maybe wait until the middle of next week, not friday.


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                          1. re: revets2

                            Thank you for the report. Can you give us a preview of other items on the menu?

                            1. re: bruinike

                              the introductory menu is organized by food (soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts) and coffee (by process [siphon, chemex, press, eva solo] and specialty).

                              here's what i can remember:
                              Tableside Service
                              eva solo
                              french press

                              Usual list of espresso drinks

                              Specialty Coffee/Tea Drinks (lots of brilliant infusions)
                              Coffee & A Cigarette with a Tabacco Infusion
                              Coffee & A Jelly Doughnut with a donut infusion with strawberry jam
                              Liquid Tiramisu
                              Marsala Chai
                              HK Milk Tea

                              house cured tasmanian sea trout with inventive and fresh toppings which are almost indescribeable
                              smoked artic char
                              yuzu kosho caesar salad
                              (next three descriptions do not do the dishes justice)
                              frisee lardon with nieman ranch bacon
                              squash soup
                              potato leek soup
                              ABLT (asian BLT with pork belly)
                              other assorted pressed sandwiches, all good, with reblouchon savoir, coffee washed spanish cheese served with fresh, yummy chips, high-quality olives, and everyone loved the ciopollini onions
                              we were served some clam fritters with yuzu kosho aioli which i didn't see on the menu

                              i advise those to approach with patience or wait til they work out the inevitable kinks new openings have.


                              1. re: revets2

                                Ok the orange cap mocha ---TO DIE FOR !!!!

                                1. re: CZ 101

                                  oh yes, i forget. very good. made it for us at the plant. they mull orange peel and steam it with the milk. as cz says, TDF.

                            2. Went there today for dessert and coffee (wasn't sure if they were going to have lunch today). The coffee was very good and the dessert was truly amazing. It was what they called the "Sweet Potato Pie", really inspired (but not cheap). The menu looked good and everything that came out of the kitchen looked delicious. Will probably go there this weekend for lunch. While they take coffee very seriously, this is really a restaurant with really good coffee, not a coffee place that happens to serve food.

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                                I agree. BUT I think the food will only be available at meal times and they will serve drinks, etc, all the time.

                                1. re: bsquared2

                                  in the tests we had, i never got to dessert. with adrian behind the scenes it's not surprising it's inspired. i did see the prices for dessert, however, and compared to what you'd pay at providence, it's a steal.

                                  1. re: bsquared2

                                    Were your beverage and dessert items offered gratis? SauceSupreme and I were comped our entire service yesterday afternoon, but that may have been due to the fact that the kitchen inventories were nearly depleted by the time we arrived.

                                    At any rate, notwithstanding the painfully affected/pretentious manner(s) of service, I found it to be a lovely shop with a great product. I'll be sure to return.


                                    1. re: Erik M

                                      Word was everything was comped the whole day yesterday, in honor of their opening.

                                  2. Just got back from trying LaMill Coffee this morning. I arrived an hour early. Seeing lots of people inside I assumed it was open but the woman inside motioned to me that it opened at 9am.

                                    I drove down to Phillipe's and had two .09 cent cups of coffee while I waited. ;)

                                    I arrived back at LaMill at 9am and got one of 3 remaining parking spaces even though there were only 2 couples waiting out in front for the opening. I opted to sit at the bar.

                                    Someone behind the bar asked if I wanted water ... I said yes. She poured a lovely blue glass of water and left a blue glass carafe with another 2 cups of water in it. Midway through my meal another server came by to ask if I was enjoying the water. She explained that it was special "RO" [Reverse Osmosis] water so I would suggest getting water as you are surely paying for it.

                                    The server was eager to explain the menus ... one for food and one for drinks and was very attentive coming by several times during my time there. She explained that there were only two egg dishes today: Eggs in coquette with Dungeness crab [$12] and eggs in coquette with mushrooms [$10]. I chose the crab version.

                                    After reading the reviews here I knew I wanted to try the orange cappuccino.

                                    There was a very long wait during which time I counted the number of servers ... 15 behind the counter and at the tables, not counting the kitchen people. I actually was astonished at the high number of employees to patrons there were. Throughout there was a brisk business for takeout I noticed. Most of the tables were filled though not all.

                                    The eggs arrived in a small Le Crueset red ramekin with a cover. The one egg was small with a noticably small yolk. It was served with 3 taosted half slices of brioche. I enjoyed it. My coffee arrived just as I was finishing my meal ... about 35-40 minutes after I arrived. It was superb ... a winner.

                                    The server mentioned the will be opening earlier in the future ... around 6am with food service beginning at 7am. They are open today until 6pm with a 9pm closing in the next weeks or so.

                                    She said the egg dishes will vary although will only be coquette dishes for breakfast... no other egg versions although there will be a salmon dish [smoked salmon?].

                                    I got a canele to go and paid my bill: $26.73 including tip. When I left the place was about 2/3 full with 3 or 4 tables taken outside.

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                                    1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                      I should have paid more attention to the bar patrons to see what you looked like! It turns out I was seated with Yelpers who weren't too impressed with the place. The big brass chandelier was a particular target of one of them. Referring to the perceived gaudiness of the decor, she referred to the dim sum palaces in the San Gabriel Valley and said, "They're from Alhambra." (They were both Asian, so the comment is not quite as offensive as it seems.) There were several people who passed by commenting they need to open earlier, while one of the Yelpers was unhappy that they plan to close at 9:00 P.M. - too late for a caffeine fix for nights at Spaceland across the way.

                                      Service struck me as way over the top for a coffeehouse. The coffee comes not only on a saucer but also on a square wooden charger underneath. The specialty drinks in shots come atop a tall glass cylinder. I asked what it was for. "To enhance the beauty of the drink." Okay, sure. It all just seems so ridiculous after awhile, especially with the high prices and, more importantly, loooooong waits we endured for our food. Backservers meticulously laid out knives precisely in front of us for our pastries - almost ten minutes before they came. Coffee didn't arrive until five minutes after I had finished my canelé and the dish had been cleared. My water would be refilled after each sip. It was the sort of high-level, nearly suffocating service I remembered from my first meal at Osteria Mozza. That's nice for a fancy night out, but not what I want on a sleepy weekend morning. After awhile, it all seemed to slip into the absurd. Especially with all the waitstaff, the long wait for our orders was a bit much.

                                      I don't go for eggs, so I didn't have the only two hot dishes available. The Yelper who had the egg dish with the crab loved hers, while the one who got the bacon-and-mushroom one disliked his. He attributed it to the types of "wild and exotic" (per the menu) mushrooms used. Both of their eyes bulged upon seeing the tiny portion size of the dish when they lifted the lid of the small Le Creuset dish, though.

                                      With my friends, I tried several of the pastries. The bacon brioche had good flavor, but it seemed a little too dry and less than fresh. The canelé had a good texture comparable to La Brea Bakery's, not as custardy as Boule's. The orange ginger currant scone is one of the best in town, though the disappointing croissant could come from any high-end grocery store. The Liquid Tiramisu shot had nothing that really distinguished it as, well, tiramisu. It tasted quite bitter and strong, so much so, I wondered if I had gotten the Coffee and Cigarette by mistake. (The Yelper who did order that particular drink complained that he couldn't taste any tobacco flavor at all.) My vanilla latte was decent, though the foam's texture was not as smooth as Intelligentsia's - not was the portion nearly as generous for six dollars. My friend greatly enjoyed her Masala Chai, though - so much so she devoured it before I could get a taste. The biggest hit was the Chemex we ordered, which was prepared at the table in a bit of minor performance art. The flavor was excellent - clean and bright, as a Chemex should be - easily the best of the coffee drinks we had there. Four people got two (small) cups each out of the ten-dollar pot.

                                      By the time we left around 11:00 A.M., the front room was crowded. However, I saw one table sit down, check out the offerings, get up, and leave. It's crowded now, but will it stay that way? A few people waiting with me made comments on the loss of Back Door Bakery to me; some friends who got lost on the way thought a crowd their was actually LaMill. Another mused on the irony of losing the small neighborhood Back Door Bakery at the same weekend $4 espressos moved in across the corner. Looking at the Poussin-inspired wallpaper, the giant chandelier, the faux crocodile-covered menus, and the hyper-trendy, very unflattering high-waisted jeans on the waitresses (that got laughs from my Yelper neighbors), I couldn't help but feel that LaMill took a wrong turn on the way to Melrose or Montana or Beverly Drive. It struck me more as a Ladies-Who-Lunch spot than a Hipsters-Who-Hang joint. Silver Lake is a neighborhood full of relaxed, comfortable dining establishments, and here is this army of runners fussing over wooden chargers - for a cup of coffee. It all seems so... odd. I expect LaMill will have its following, but I don't see myself going there often at all. It's outrageously expensive for what it is, especially with the small portions, stifling and pokey service, and coffee drinks that are inferior in price, size, and production to Intelligentsia's (or, per my Yelper friends, Groundworks). For me personally, it's little more than a dining curiosity.

                                      1. re: Woolsey

                                        Well, I doubt that I will become a regular patron as well even though I live merely a few blocks away. Even though the eggs [actually one tiny egg] with Dungeness crab was very tasty it was not what I would normally choose for my favorite meal of the day. The three toasted brioche slices went mostly untouched as I found them to be unbearably dry ... not wanting to wash them down immediately with my "RO" water.

                                        I still do not understand why my cappuccino arrived as I was finishing the egg dish. The server came by to explain that they were "perfecting it" ... not sure what that meant. Granted, the wooden charger for the coffee was a bit strange.

                                        I did see a table behind me getting the Chemex preparation which is billed as "for two". Was that you with the long hair at that table? Again, I was astonished that the young pony-tailed girl had to stand there and pour water to uh, ... "perfect it".

                                        I usually tumble out of bed on the weekend and look for somewhere to have breakfast locally ... with their limited and tiny food offerings, high prices and need to primp before showing up, I doubt that I shall be at LaMill every weekend.


                                        1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                          While I get the LAMill concept and enjoy the helpful staff, I am not sure that I will frequent this place - mainly because I spent $13 and change for a small latte, an americano and 1 canele. I can make great caneles at home and brew a decent pot of coffee for much less than that. I will, however, return at some point when I get a bonus from my job, to sample some of the other menu items.

                                          1. re: The Sauce

                                            I went to LAMill today in the late afternoon and the kitchen was closed, so I had a canele which I really loved. A little crispy on the outside and moist and light inside. I'd love to learn how to make this at home. Would you share your recipe?

                                          2. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                            Judging by the time stamp on your post, our Chemex probably didn't arrive until you had left - we were there quite awhile. In fact, we seemed to be one of the few people to linger there. In an odd turn for a coffeehouse, people didn't seem to want to hang around there, even though noise levels were low and the seating was fairly comfortable. I chalk it up to the stuffy service and omnipresent servers.

                                            I think the wooden chargers are meant to keep the chill of the marble tables from lowering the temperature of the hot drinks, but all of the coffee drinks we had we too tepid for me, losing warmth rapidly, charger or not.

                                            1. re: Woolsey

                                              Hmm, okay. I left just after 10am ... I think you mentioned you left at 11am after lingering.

                                              Regardless, I think I will try the Chemex next time although $10 for coffee ...

                                              To the dismay of many [apparently] LAMill is really not a coffeehouse. It certainly appears to have aspirations to be a high end eatery that makes "boutique coffee". Having lived in Silverlake many years I'm not sure that that concept will work.

                                              From the looks of many of the "take out" coffee patrons this morning I would say some were shocked at what they found. Many will not come back. Even though I can afford $27 for a lousy breakfast the demographics of Silverlake [which I just happened to check recently ... with a median $26K annual income] will not likely prevail.

                                              As for the Backdoor Bakery, good riddance!!! The food was an abomination and the place was simply FILTHY. Anyone know what will replace it?

                                              1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                The Chemex serves several cups of coffee, so it's a good deal. (But it starts at $6 at Intelligentsia.)

                                                I went with a friend to Intelligentsia right after so should could try their product as she'd never gone. I'd never seen the line longer except on their opening weekend, and especially not after 11:00 A.M. She agreed that their less expensive, bigger lattes were also far superior. One of the Intelligentsia baristas actually sat down by us as we were leaving LaMill; he told me one of the Intelligentsia staff actually helped train at LaMill. (I overheard that he did really like his espresso.)

                                                I really wonder why they chose Silver Lake for this place. The place felt soooooo Beverly Hills. To put it in SAT terms --

                                                Barney Greengrass : delicatessen :: LaMill : coffeehouse

                                        2. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                          For $12 they can't give you 2 eggs? My lord, there goes the neighborhood.

                                          1. re: Josh90004

                                            For an extra three dollars, you can get another egg thrown in the pot.

                                          2. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                            Went there for lunch today. My wife had the egg (really, only one egg) w/ crab. It tasted great, but really wasn't enough food (and she doesn't eat that much). For $12 they really should include at least another egg. I had the Asian BLT, which was really tasty. I also liked the olives, onion and homemade potato chips that came with it. For $16, it was a pricey sandwich, but it was really good.

                                            I also had the orange cappucino, which was good, but not really exceptional. The plain coffee I had yesterday was better.

                                            Service was a little disorganized, but still very friendly. We were in the mood for a leisurely lunch, so it was OK.

                                            By the way, I like the slightly "tacky" interior. It is more of a 60s/70s cheesy (in a good way) vibe. Personally, I do think the "they are from Alhambra" comment was as offensive as it seems since the owners are Asian. The decor isn't that different then you might see at other hipster places these days.

                                            How often will I go there? It ended up being a bit of an expensive lunch, but everything was really good. The dessert I had yesterday was fantastic and the coffee was very good too. Keep in mind that this is still the soft opening. While the service today was a little slow, everybody there was really nice and they really wanted to make sure we were happy.

                                          3. we went there today: i was excited because i heard it was a beautiful space and great coffee.
                                            So, totally understand that service might be slow on an opening BUT
                                            1. our 2 coffees totaling approx 9 dollars took 26 minutes (they forgot about us)
                                            2. there were so many staff there yet everyone was very careful not to make eye contact with us even though we were standing there for, again, 26 minutes with no coffee
                                            3. AFTER we finally got our coffee, the guy was very apologetic and said he would refund our money. I said it wasnt necessary, but he insisted and directed us to the cashier: she smiled and said "next time guys!"
                                            4. BUT the coffee was gross
                                            5. SO, not only will I not go back there to supposedly get my comped coffees (which i would have never asked for), I will just never go back period.

                                            and yes: woosley is totally right:
                                            the waitresses have to wear high waisted jeans: but these ones are more like mom jeans and everyone knows you have to rock those with heels which any good waitress wont wear. AND to make women across the board (all the waitress are cute and im sure great people) wear high waisted jeans is super torture.

                                            see you at intelligentsia.

                                            3 Replies
                                            1. re: lizzabitty

                                              Curious what coffee drink you had and what you meant by "gross" ?

                                              1. re: CZ 101

                                                we each had the clover brewed coffee: my boyfriend had the kenya ichamera: it was extremely bitter and biting (it was described having tomato accents: which might explain the acidity: but it had a sour metallic taste)
                                                I had the brazilian poco fundo: it was decribed as full bodied and rich: i really like a dark rich non-acidic coffee and this was just kinda "eh."
                                                the coffees were strong and smooth though, just not that enjoyable to drink
                                                I respect the clover machine, I just think this place is super overrated.
                                                sauce supreme: its all yours.

                                                1. re: lizzabitty

                                                  wow. we had both the kenya ichamera (sp?) and the poco fundo on consecutive days and what was remarkable was the complete absence of bitterness, the unnecessity of cream and sugar to make it palatable, and the way it still tasted amazing even when it was cold.

                                                  i'm curious as to why your one and only chowhound and yelp posts are both to say how you dislike LA MILL. very fishy.

                                            2. Will everyone please go to Intelligentsia... so that it's less crowded when I go to LA Mill. Thanks.

                                              13 Replies
                                              1. re: SauceSupreme

                                                Well, I've not given up on it yet ... and I loved my orange cap. In fact I'm almost certain to try lunch there sometime nexr week.

                                                What did you have?

                                                1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                  I had one of the special Costa Rican beans out of the clover. Its most interesting feature was actually how it tasted on the back corners of the tongue, where it was a little citrusy.

                                                  But despite the high production value, at the end of the day, it should still be a place where you enjoy the coffee. Just like not all bars are equal in their decor, I like the notion of a boutique coffeehouse because it adds a new color to the spectrum. I have no problem at all with the coffee at Sabor Y Cultura (using City Bean) or Intelligentsia (using obviously, their own bean), I just happen to prefer Groundwork and now LA Mill.

                                                  With regards to operational difficulty, it's unfair for any restaurant to be properly critiqued unless it's been open a while. Wait for it to get its sea legs. But then again I also believe in the Malcolm Gladwell philosophy of being able to digest a lot of information in a short amount of time. So while service wasn't perfect, I also knew that I would enjoy it once it got fully ironed out. If you put on a dress that you simply don't like, ain't no amount of ironing gonna fix that.

                                                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                                                    You seem to be dancing around the big pink-and-purple elephant in the finely wallpapered room. As what seems to be LaMill's one unabashed champion here, I have to ask you: No matter how much you like the coffee or the food or the service or the atmosphere or even the big brass chandelier, can you really say you will cheerfully swallow those exorbitant prices? For all of my party - and the well-heeled party beside me - sticker shock was a running theme of the morning. We were all people who had eaten at the Mozzas. We've all dropped a good amount of money for a dinner. And yet those prices crossed the line. For you, was it good enough to pull you in at that very high markup?

                                                    Also, does LaMill run their Clover like Groundworks - pressurizing the water through fine grounds for a thicker brew with more body - or like Intelligentsia, where it runs with less pressure thorugh coarser grounds for a lighter, cleaner brew? Next time, I'd highly recommend getting a table service of the Chemex (the best) or Eva Solo (the next best, but perhaps better for a single drinker because of the neoprene cozy) if you're staying in the store. Both services blow the much-ballyhooed Clover - which is essentially a glorified, high-tech French press - out of the water.

                                                    1. re: Woolsey

                                                      I certainly intend to try the Chemex, and while the Eva wasn't really on my radar, I'll put it on there now.

                                                      I'm not an unabashed champion. I simply like it. I'm not in the business of evangelizing any establishment at all. It's a preference that I hope to share, but I won't be disappointed if the suggestion goes unheeded.

                                                      As far as the exorbitant prices, yes, it's high, but I never thought it was wholly unreasonable. People pay $3.50 for a frappuchocolatte that's mostly blended ice. Sure, that's a straw man argument, because the real comparison should be the $2 coffee served at Intelli or Groundwork. But that brings up another point.

                                                      I walk a block to Groundwork, instead of driving half an hour through traffic to visit LA Mill. Frankly, if the prices were switched, I'd still prefer the walk. So yes, the quality is good enough to pull me in, though there is no price low enough to ever replace Groundwork, unless LA Mill actually pays me $10 to drink coffee. There, the price has to drop to negative ten bucks for it to replace Groundwork.

                                                      But that being said, I still like it. If anyone said, meet me at LA Mill, neither the price nor over-the-top, trying-too-hard gaudy decor would turn me away. It's the S Bar of coffee shops.

                                                    2. re: SauceSupreme

                                                      Well, as I say, I liked the coffee and expect to continue to like it. And I did not have a real lasting problem with the service as the enterprise is very young to say the least.

                                                      My biggest gripe was the breakfast itself. That is why I asked what you had. I see upthread that you may have gone later in the day last week so you may not have had the option of two the two breakfast dishes.

                                                      A small Le Creuset ramekin is approximatley 3 inches across. The egg was much smaller than you would find in the markets. The depth of this morning's completed egg dish was 1/4 of an inch by 3 inches. There was one tablespoon of very delicious crabmeat which was its saving grace. I found the brioche to be exceedingly dry even though I love brioche. I was not able to finish one slice.

                                                      From the server's description, the offerings will rotate often and I will surely give them another chance. Breakfast just happens to be my favorite meal of the day but it may turn out that LAMill be be a better choice for late night desserts ... or a late luncheon spot.

                                                      BTW, I happened to drive by just after they closed today and they appear to have opened the second room!

                                                      1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                        I think you hit the nail on the head on the focus on breakfast. It's a coffeehouse. (Or "coffee boutique." Whatever.) The fact that there was such a shortage of offerings for breakfast - and the indication was that only one other item would be added when things got into full swing next week, and that would be the non-staple of salmon tartare, of all things - was disappointing. The was just one kind of muffin, just one kind of scone, just a plain croissant - no other viennoiserie. There are all these elaborate dishes offering a tease on the lunch/dinner menu, but breakfast - the meal with which most people drink coffee and for which they visit coffeehouses - is almost brushed aside. They sort of seem to be biding their time with to-go orders until the real show begins at noon. It all seems as if they had lost sight of the very simple fact that people drink coffee in the mornings.

                                                        I know that, when I visit again (which won't be for awhile), it definitely won't be for breakfast...

                                                        1. re: Woolsey

                                                          Perhaps not surprisingly LaMill Coffee has hit Flickr ... the last photo being the infamous Miniature Eff with Dungeness Crab:



                                                          1. re: Woolsey

                                                            Woolsey, I beg to differ on your assertion that most people drink coffee with breakfast. I think you'll find that Charbucks does do a brisk business in the breakfast hours of say, 7am-9am, but they are actually busier at late afternoon and early evening time than at breakfast, depending of course on location. But company wide, their dollar figures are certainly not breakfast-heavy as you would attest.
                                                            So it isn't a simple fact that people drink coffee in the mornings.
                                                            Have you ever seen the Griddle? They serve a hell of a lot of coffee (swill, by the way) but they have just as deep a line at 1pm as they do at 11am...does that mean more people are drinking coffee in the morning or the afternoon?
                                                            LA MILL does need to offer more items on the menu for breakfast beyond just egg dishes. They will be offering tartare, and hopefully other items in the future...
                                                            All of these postings seem a tad premature for a place that's been open for three days.

                                                            1. re: peanut112

                                                              Starbucks may be doing brisk business, but what are they actually selling? If one goes to those Starbucks that are so busy in the evenings, one will find a relatively low proportion of coffee cups in relation to Frappuccinos (coffee-flavored and non-coffee-flavored - they're essentially milkshakes), teas, chais, and so forth, which is why Starbucks et al have diversified their menus - to remain busy throughout the day, not just in the morning. (Visit a Peet's - a company known less for its non-coffee offerings - late in the day, and notice how much emptier it often is compared to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean.)

                                                              Yes, people drink coffee all during the day. I drink coffee all during the day. But coffee is associated mainly with the morning, and that is undeniably the time of day of its highest consumption, so for a coffeehouse to have such scant breakfast items in relation to its lunch/dinner offerings is really pathetic. That was my point.

                                                              1. re: peanut112

                                                                True, but a lot of those hipsters at The Griddle don't arise until noon, so 1pm *is* their breakfast.

                                                                1. re: Josh90004

                                                                  Now THAT I have to laugh at...

                                                                  And I suppose they are still a tad drunk or at best hungover so the crap quality of the coffee doesn't make a difference.

                                                            2. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                              It is possible they will adjust their portion sizes to match the prices if people are too outraged. I know that Canele upped their portion sizes after the first month or so, after some repeated complaints about the portions (the first time I ate there, the beef tenderloin entree came with two small slices of beef and one slice of potatoes anna, and now it routinely comes with three slices of beef (or two larger slices) and two slices of potatoes anna).

                                                              This place is brand new, and I for one think it deserves a little bit of a chance to find its stride and make adjustments to better fit the expectations of the neighborhood before writing it off.

                                                              The reviews have been entertaining to read, at least!

                                                              1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                                The second room isn't open :( alas, you just happened to catch exactly the same thing as I did driving home...it was either a staff meeting...I called to check...the second room won't be open for a while.

                                                        2. visited sat morning. ordered croissant, scone, clover, latte. came out to $16. that's pretty steep for 2 simple pastries and coffees. the brunch items sure seemed interesting and given the pedigree of their origins, i'm sure they're wonderful. however, i'm not likely to return anytime soon. the place was just disorganized, which is forgivable for opening weekend. the queue for ordering to-go was awkward as well as the waiting area for picking drinks, both congesting the small entrance. no drink menu on wall behind counter. customers order off paper menu when it's their turn at the register. however, the biggest issue i have with the place is pricing.

                                                          1. Not to beat a dead horse, but I thought I'd weigh in as well. I agree and disagree with the above opinions.

                                                            I agree that the prices on the food are exorbitant, and at least for breakfast, wholly unjustified. My husband and I each ordered eggs and said 2 eggs, please. To be honest, I have never seen an egg dish in a restaurant (or anywhere else) that came w/ only one egg. When the egg dishes arrived, we could not believe how small they were. I also didn't care for the egg part -- the consistency of the yolk was like a hard boiled egg--which is the only egg preparation I don't care for. The picture on flickr of this dish looked less cooked, so perhaps ours were just overdone. Anyway, as everyone has said, there were not many bites to be had, and unlike others who received three half slices of toast, we got only two, making the breakfast even less filling. When we saw that these 2 eggs dishes cost $28 together, I nearly died.

                                                            I disagree with the person who said in a restaurant a crab dish like this would be appropriately priced. Every restaurant I have ever been to charges less for breakfast and lunch dishes, even if they are also served at dinner. In any event, there is not nearly enough crab to justify the cost (ours had less than the flickr pic as well) and $3 for an extra egg? C'mon.

                                                            I also disagree that the drinks are priced exorbitantly, at least as to the espresso-based drinks. We had cappuccinos, which were $3.50 each. That's pretty standard in L.A. Given the quality of the coffee and the care they take, I am willing to pay that.

                                                            I agree you have to give them somewhat of a pass on the service/getting their act together issues, simply b/c it was their first weekend.

                                                            However, some service basics should be in place no matter how long a place has been open. After we were done w/ coffee and our egg dishes, my husband ordered an espresso con panna to go and asked for the check at the same time. Once we had paid--before tip it was $42!!!---the server brought him the espresso con panna in a ceramic cup and said "Sorry, we don't do drinks less than 3 oz. to go" No offer to reimburse, even though we were walking out the door and obviously had made clear we didn't want to sit there. It was my birthday, so he decided to say nothing. He took 2 sips and we left. I don't mind so much that our server didn't know the policy, but I do mind that she expected us to still pay the $3 or $4 even though he would never have ordered it "for here."

                                                            I think LA Mill is a cool place that would be fun to meet friends for coffee, but as of now--at least pending a breakfast menu change and/or addition of more pastries and simple things like baguettes, which Intelligentsia serves--I will stick to just coffee.


                                                            1. Went yesterday and absolutely loved the entire experience. My egg dish (with bacon and mushrooms) had 2 eggs in it, by the way (I had not read this thread before going so was I not expecting only one egg) and was delicious. The Kenya coffee I had from the clover was one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had -- and when I drank it alongside the egg dish it REALLY came to life. (The Brazil I tried out of the Chemex didn't make me nearly as happy). Eton (sp?), the coffee guru of the joint, came and talked to us for awhile and was completely inspiring and passionate. I asked if there would ever be a tasting menu and he expained the concept of a separate room with a chef's table, a barrista and a tasting menu. I would be there in 2 seconds. Who knows if this whole concept will catch on -- excellent coffee paired with excellent food. But if nothing else, it is extremely exciting, and I'm still high on the whole experience.

                                                              1 Reply
                                                              1. re: la tache burger

                                                                This just in: la tache burger reports 2-egg sighting at previously "overpriced" LA Mill. Hipsters rejoice.

                                                              2. What kind of coffee place doesn't open until 9 on weekdays?!

                                                                3 Replies
                                                                1. re: earthbound dilettante

                                                                  I was told by my server that the plan was to open at 6am and begin serving food at 7am. I have heard some variations around this theme.

                                                                  I'm at work way before 6am during the week ... but on weekends sometimes I go to Intelligentsia just after 6am when they open and it's nice and quiet ... no lines and parking all over the street.

                                                                  It would be great if LAMill would open at 6am

                                                                  1. re: earthbound dilettante

                                                                    The kind of place that didn't really have a test run and needs to get their bearings together, so they open limited hours and have a limited menu so no one's completely overwhelmed.

                                                                    They plan on opening at 6am once the kinks are worked out. Understandable.

                                                                    1. re: diningdivala

                                                                      When do they plan to open normal hours?

                                                                      I went by on Saturday (when I had the luxury of being around during their limited hours). The cappuccino I had was good, but no match for Intelligentsia.

                                                                  2. Come on people. It's called gentrification. Deal with it! I'm so sick of people whining about the fact that there is a fine dining restaurant in Silverlake. Home prices have gotten so high in the area that you have be the type of person who can afford this type of restaurant to live nearby, so I don't know who all these people are that are complaining about a $15 sandwich, which actually seems pretty commonplace these days. The home prices are not going back down, so cheap sandwiches are not likely to be the future of Silverlake. On Eater L.A. today a writer complained about customers with "Macbook Airs and designer baby carriages" who must be from another area, presumably because people like this don't live in Silverlake. Since when is this new in Silverlake? It has been a great area to live for young creative professionals with generally good taste for some time now. These are the people who live in the neighborhood today, and of course it will influence the stores and restaurants there. The gentrificiation of the area is progressing in a way that has maintained the creative feel of the neighborhood, and places like LA Mill are a pretty obvious next step, at least to me. Enjoy LA Mill for the great cafe it is, not for what it is not.

                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                    1. re: Matt Esq.

                                                                      Re: Matt.Esq.'s post: Hmmm. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I grew up in Silverlake, on what was then called the "wrong" side of the lake (East) in a house my father helped build below my grandparents' house above. It was never anything special except to those who lived there. The local restaurants were The Thistle Inn and Darlunds. The only thing still on Silverlake Blvd. from that period is Norm's Automotive. I admit that at first I was sort of turned off by the "tres chic" crowd and all the new stores, because of the tres-chichness of the place. I have photos of when the west side of the Lake was very sparsely populated and my side of the Lake had NO Neutra houses when one looked out the window of my grandparents' house. Nostalgia, eh?

                                                                      The most amazing thing, though, was that there is now a really good and trendy restaurant in....wait for it.....ATWATER! On GLENDALE BLVD.!!!

                                                                      Last week when I was back down (now in Oakland), I went to LA Mill twice. Once for coffee in the late afternoon and again for lunch the next day. The coffee was spectac. Along the lines of Blue Bottle in SF/Oakland. Lunch the next day was also very good. Frisee salad with lardons and poached egg. My friend's ceviche was also deelish.

                                                                      I did notice that the car parked in the front part of Norm's Automotive is no longer there with the mannequin trunk and legs sticking out of the motor.

                                                                      End of rant.